Can I get Turbo HD Remix with the XBOX 360 ARCADE?

Is that 256MB enough to download the game and still have room for saves and to get on XBOX Live?

nop HDRemix is 300ish MB

Damn. They should offer the game on a disc. Adding it on the same disc as Street Fighter 4 would have made me more interested in buying it.

XBOX 360 with the 60gig is right in that bad price point for me with the PS3 rumored to be coming down.

Hm can i get dat ol’ hd remix wif dis here xbox live…

get the cheap 20 gig

There’s a package being sold that includes a 60GB HDD, headset, and some XBL subscription time. It’s about $100 CAD (likely much cheaper in the States). Pick that up; it’s a great complement for the Arcade package. Just be aware that it has no data transfer cable (which isn’t an issue unless you have a preexisting HDD).

You can buy a cheap refurbished 20gb HD for your Xbox.

Problem Solved

TOTALLY thread worthy:party:

If the guy had a question, i see why not asshole

there are soo many threads where he could of posted his questions with out making our boards more cluttered. it feels like we should honestly have our join dates swapped…

While he certainly should have posted this in the HD Remix forum, you’re placing quite a lot of value on join dates.

all my neg rep comments say good point… but fuck late 08’ early 09’s. so i just assume it has a lot of value.

Except it doesn’t. Not his fault you didn’t join back in '01.

“OUR boards”? LOL, you joined Dec 2008 buddy, take it easy with the ass kissing. I don’t think you qualify to deem what’s “thread worthy” what’s not.