Can I get a avatar request ^_^

Can I get a avatar of these 2 in smaller form and a nice looking border design :lovin:

Thank you in advance!, oh yea and both separate also and can you have the name like this on there “Dj-B13”

oh and I will be getting a premium soon too

You’ll probably need premium for that request… dood!

Boy that is a hard request…but I see you joined back in the day ‘when the rules were different.’ What’s the size for OG’ers on SRK? (I was told it wasn’t restricted to the 160x100 or 160x64 rule…right?)

Yo Brian, you’re probably going to need Premium if you want to keep the animation, and even then it might be hard to get both gifs in there.

lol at my poor animation skillz

^ now her leg/foot looks like a skateboard

Thank you so much. Actually anything is fine.

And I didn’t want both in one, Actually 2 separate :lovin: