Can hrap3 take happ concave buttons?

im not interested in waiting till march april in canada for the te sticks. and not interested in paying 250 - 300 on ebay.

sooooo i grabbed a hrap3 for 89.00 bucks. picked out my stick and bat add on. but i dont like the convex buttons. i was wondering can the hrap3 take happ concave buttons to mod? i know in the te it just not possible. but will the hrap be able to do it?

also is their any other company that makes concave buttons?

I just held a standard concave button up to my HRAP and it looks like it’ll barely fit.

But, if it doesn’t there are actually a shorter variety of concave pushbuttons out there. They are about a 1/2" shorter than the normal concave and convex buttons. Those would definitely work. And they feel identical to me. I got a bunch of these buttons in a MK cab I found a while back.

The yenox pushbuttons at lizard lick are also worth a look. Not sure how good those are, but I would bet money that they would be better with cherry microswitches.

also, I guarantee that Bob Roberts would have the shorter version of the Happ buttons. His website is

thanks. so whats so bad about the cherry switches?
and between the buttons you mentioned. what would be more responsive?

Also remember, at least on the HRAP EX, the way the stick mounting plate is there might not be enough clearance for a button with a nut without some further modding. Was thinking going Happ but that worries me too much.

a screw it…
im going custom this the costs involed in retail modding does not beat the satisfaction of 100% to your liking overall.