Can Bison be used as a battery

Hey whats up everyone…im thinking about bringing my Bison out of retirement…i havent used the guy in like…well since the last texas showdown…well anyway my new team right now is Sak Chun Sagat on N groove…but im not sure who to replace…well anyway i was wondering if bison can be used as a battery since he can build meter like theres no tommrow with that dam physco vanish…

Thanks!! :smiley:

He builds meter alright but I think when it comes to meter, especially in N, it’s best that he saves it for himself. Counter attack into psycho crusher is your best friend. If you’re going to build meter with him it’d be best to just do whiff Do psycho vanishes when you’re safe…like after a throw or a far knockdown.

I think you should replace sak with bison…sak doesn’t seem to do much in N imo. However, I think it wouldn’t be bad to use bison as battery since chun and sagat demands more usage of their meter.

yeah…bison does seem better in the second postion…that dam counter attack into lv3 phsyco crusher is too good…:smiley:
but i think im gonna leave sakura in and replace chun…she just seems very awkward to play…and im also starting to get the hang or zoning with sakura…and she can build meter pretty quick to…

Thanks dead space!!! :smiley: :smiley: