Can anyone tell me what this cabinet was originally...?

I may be purchasing this X-men vs Street fighter cabinet but it obviously did not start life as that, I was just curious if anyone would know just by the shape of the cab what it originally was.

i thought it was Street Fighter II: world warriors but it does not have the overhang above the monitor.

It does look like some kind of Street Fighter cabinet, I’ve seen that panel on a lot of em.

It’s some iteration of SF2. All the cabs at my local arcade looked like that, back in the day.

alright cool, guess i was right in my thinking. thanks for the replies guys.

SF2 never had a dedicated cab. It’s something else.

Ask the guys at klov or byoac and they should be able to tell you.

Nice looking cab either way, well aside from what looks like a small chunk broken off the side of the monitor.

If i ever get a arcade cab one day, i want an american style one sorta like that.

Are you sure? I’m pretty sure I encountered a SF2:CE dedicated cab at one point. The control panel overlay was way to professional for it to have been done by that slack ass arcade.

I’ve always wondered exactly what that cab was. I’d love to find one.

i thought that too but when i checked it out yesterday, turned out it was just a thing hanging from his garage ceiling, so monitor is all clean and very crisp too :tup:

I’ve seen a million cabinets just like this back in the day.

That cab could have been anything really.

I think the only way to tell would be to sand off all that black paint to see what it is covering.

did you ask the owner?

As an aside, American cabs are ugly. Boxy, soulless piles of MDF crap.

Total Nuub questions here:

  1. Can you replace the monitor? More specifically with a new HD moniter.
  2. Assuming the anwser to question #1 is ‘yes’ is the stock hardware going to support the new component?

Well after looking at it closely, its an old atari cab from the late 80s.

It only cost me $150, so I am pretty happy either way. Works great, just needs some buttons replaced. I will most likely just replace all the controls to have a fresh set. My first arcade cabinet and i already REALLY want to pick up some more boards.

edit: found the original cab, roadblasters from atari

Pity it doesn’t still have the game in there. :frowning:

That is a dynamo cabinet, and it is a generic cabinet that Ops loved to put SF into. It could be considered the unofficial dedicated SF2 cab. If I were restoring a dynamo it would be my cab of choice. But also note that there were many revisions of the dynamo design with small differences.

CE did have a dedicated cab. It can be seen here:

To my knowledge there was only one other dedicated cab released for a SF game. This one:

These big blue dynamo’s are the most bad-ass american cabs ever made for fighting games. Perfect height, perfect sound, huge control panel. I’d trade my MK cab in a heartbeat for either one.

Shit, I’d take a brand new one of these over a Vewlix.

alright so I was switching out the happ buttons with some sanwas and i ran into a problem.

all the first player buttons do not work. including player 1 button. the 1st player joystick however works. all of the second player buttons and joystick work perfectly after the swap.

i even tried putting a happ back onto the quick disconnect and it wouldnt register the button use.

anyone have any idea?

also how would i go about changing the happ stick to a sanwa jlf? im not too big of a fan of happ sticks but if its a really difficult change, its not worth doing right now.

Maybe you didn’t finish the ground wires properly?

Does anyone have a texture like that diamond plated look on the control panel?

this was it! thanks for your help .:pray: