Can anybody teach me how to play ibuki

i really wanna start using her more in AE
i am pretty decent at the game O: i am B+ sakura in super so ya
any pros out there dont mind showing me how to play ibuki?

I don’t think any of us here are pro (ie: get paid to play) but I guess I could give you a couple tips. Add me PSN/XBL/whatever.

i mean just really good :stuck_out_tongue: cool ill add you ^^

I’m also looking for someone to show me the ropes.

I know that everyone here have lives outside of video games, so I’m not expecting, or even wanting a babysitter, just someone willing to talk across PSN, and show me a few strategies.

Add me then. Though you may want to msg me via pm or AIM/MSN since I have both consoles and I usually don’t have them on 24/7, unlike my pc. Those would be the best way to contact me instead of PSN/XBL.

Alright, thanks in advance for anytime you give me.

Learn the vortex :stuck_out_tongue: