Can Akuma combo into his air fireball/ex air fireball?

Is there any way to do this?
I know you can do it with EX air fb to another EX air fb.
Are there any other ways?

Ive seen someone do it from regular normal fireball jumping forward, to ex fireball jumping forward. Also poongku does that neutral jump ex fb (on way down), to another neutral jump ex fireball on way up.

Yeah, I’ve done (and seen someone else) do a st.roundhouse > jab > lk.tatsu > SRK, If you’are close enough when the balls hit (and the ball’s will have to combo too) you can do almost any BnB stuff to them.

Do you have to cancel the normal fireball or can you just do a lp hadouken and then jump fireball?

I meant can he combo into the fireballs, sorry if I wasn’t clear enough.

is there a video of this move that you guys are talking about?

I haven’t seen any but I’m sure there is one.
Basically we’re talking about doing a move that combos into air fireballs.
I can do EX air fireball to EX air fireball.
If you want to do it the easiest way is to use the tiger knee input.
:d::df::r::uf::r: seems to work really well.