Can a PS guru please make my request, im too lazy

yes, can a PS guru and a really good grpahic foo make this request? my computer is down atm and i have no access to my PS 7.0 for a while, highly appreciated if someone could make me this out. and if a good job i will send you the money for it and something extra for your time. i need a bad ass graphic for my street fighter anniversary edition stick, im tired of the default one.

street fighter anniversary edition layout graphic
use dimensions, and if you re good with your BG, make something wicked, black and white colors prefferably
preffered chars on graphic:

violent ken


if there are multiple entries, i will choose the best, and i will still send all entries something special via emailing.

very appreciative


do you know the dimenions?

ack, well i get them later then if you are going to make it, i will get the dimensions for you

kk that would help alot :).