Cammy's New Alternate Costume (Alt 3) Troll Thread

Posting this here because most people on front page seem more interested in commenting on Chun Li’s butt.

Whatever your opinion is, is fine. Just interested in seeing them.

Personally I think her new alt is absolutely putrid. I could live with the design of the torso and the arms alone, but it just clashes with the rest of the outfit. The cat hood is unflattering. And, who wears an eye mask WITH a hood like that? Bad design, imo. Then there’s also those baggy-cotton-spaceman-suit leg warmers…wtf mate? I know she “likes cats”, but I don’t think a cat suit fits her character even a little.

That’s the concept art, the real thing looks a little different, top row third column.

It should be tights. Drop the gloves, drop the boots. Just make her spandex Catwoman. Thats the cool way to do it. Otherwise, it looks clunky, forced, unoriginal, and extremely whack overall.

I wonder where she put her braids.

Edit: I also wonder how her tail moves when fighting.

i wish cammy dressed up as this pokemon and does whatever the hell this thing is doing

costume looks ugly tbh

I have to agree the costume is kind of ugly. BUT WE ARE CAMMY PLAYERS! We must embrace our inner kitty and dress the part.

i think it looks awesome. can’t wait to pick the ugliest color (seriously).

When I’m in japan during winter I’ll be sure to get my cammy with this costume at the arcades to troll all the Japanese. all she needs is a cat taunt :3c

Why the hell can’t they just give her the read coat or the long scarf thing in the concept art

It’s essentially:

  • Cat Woman.

I think it’ll fit her nicely. Personality wise and canon wise. Though, there are much better options for her.

It looks nasty as hell, it might be good if they dropped the tail and gave her just spandex; make her Catwoman basically.

The baggy leg things look weird as hell and the tail is just stupid. Yes, she likes cats, we get it. Don’t you think dressing up in a catgirl suit is more suited to one of the teenage Japanese girls rather than an elite British military operative?

I’m happy I got my alternate 1 costume. Cat-Cammy is stretching the whole feline metaphor with her way too literally. You know, if they removed the tail, cat ears and added a full mask, I could see this being a pretty badass stealth-suit costume of sorts. Just gotta tweak the colors.

They made it seem like she has a furry fetish or something. It just looks awful… Couldn’t they just have given her the Killer Bee alt?

This costume makes it look like Cammy forgot to take her meds. >_>;

I kinda wish they just used her Alpha 3 costume… or even that costume from the Vanilla concept art that made her kinda look like Rikku in her Al Bhed gear



I really don’t like it at all. I would of loved to see her fighting with her red trench coat. That would of been pretty cool.

This should have been Alt 3

after seeing that pic, I’m more interested in chun li’s rump now too.