Cammy's butt

Is anyone else sick and tired of Cammy’s butt?

It’s like the whole fucking SF game is Cammy winning the match and flashing her ass.


why in gods name did you think this was worth a thread? Lock this shit up

This is like asking if you’re tired of life.

You just described my ideal Street Fighter game.

This has got to be a troll. No intelligent individual would even consider making a thread like this and then type up that nonsense.

Get that shit out of here.

See it positive, Cammys butt is the only female ass you’ll ever see in your life.



Thinly veiled “post more Cammy butt” thread

Honestly what I came in expecting.

There is just something I don’t like about her SFV design. don’t her legs look just weird to you in this game?

It’s tasteless and tiresome but sure, whatever.

The knee-to-butt part of the leg seem shorter, or the ass is lower (with same result)

Pick one

SJW or fag.

Well since you asked.


I’d DP it.