Cammy Question...

Hey everyone, I’m trying to get good enough to show my face in the local arcades again and I’ve found that the best way for me to learn new combos is by spending some practice time in trials before heading into endless. I’m sure these kinds of questions get asked all the time but this one trial has completely baffled me.

Cammy Level 22 is as follows

EX Cannon Strike
EX Cannon Strike
EX Cannon Strike

…and then kick I think (don’t have the game on in-front of me)

Anyway, I can’t tell if this is a really difficult combo or if I’m just missing something.

Any answers?

You have to buffer the cannon strike before jumping. It’s more commonly referred to as “tiger kneeing” it.

:qcb::uf:+:k::k: is the command and you do it 3 times fast.

Kelter Skelter is right, but from what I remember, I did it up-back instead of up-forward, I suppose both work, but I find that up or up-forward only work for regular cannon strike.

Try doing two ex cannon strikes in a row that way, then ex cannon strike to ultra, then ex strike 3 times in a row and then the whole thing.

I found the timing for the third ex cannon strike a bit odd, as I had to delay a bit compared to the first two.

Man, without a stick that combo is rediculous -my thumb has blisters on it now… I can’t wait til I get my stick.
I see what your saying though, maybe I just need to ice my thumb and come back to it later.