Cammy Q&A Thread: Simple questions and detailed answers (hopefully)

This thread is dedicated to questions that are not related to match ups, combos, videos or Cammy players to follow.

Anyone got news from gameplay changes from people playing the release ?

What are the best ways to open someone up who is turtling and throwing out safe pokes?

As a new Cammy player, the lack of an overhead is throwing me a bit! Plus, her cross up is pretty awful, so that’s less of an option. Any help?

  1. Whiff punish their safe normal snd push to corner. Look out for their jump in attempt, and prioritize since you get a followup mixup.

  2. If you can throw them then do so, however, i would prioritize a frsne trap into SA, since you get followup oki. But if they just block then throw. You will have to do 1 again yo get back in.

  3. Go yolo and hope something hits.

This is not an “easy” character to learn, in this system, as far as i can tell. There is alot of neutral bs you have to learn to get the party started.

Does Cannon Strike have a height requirement like in USF4?
I have a hard time using it effectively in Ultra :confused: if you could do it very close to the ground, that would be a great mixup/frametrap or fake out even.
(iirc you were able to do that in vanilla or Super SF4)

Is Cammy still the frame trap, up-close powerhouse like in older games?
I definitely want to learn how to fight up-close, that has always been a big weakness of mine. With SF5, I wanna sit down and really get a hang of that playstyle.

You can do regular Cannon Strikes allmost TK, you can do them realy low, you can also use Hooligans for them.
But remember, her Cannon Strikes need extremly good spacing to be + on block. If you hit below the chest you’re pretty much safe.

Cammy plays more different in SFV, but she can be played up-close.
Some simple frametraps and the Normal Priority System help. Her offence needs to be used smarter, but it’s still great.

So, would you say she’s worse than in SF4? (going off of Beta 4 data)
As of right now, I’m definitely more of a calculated player. I struggle with getting in on my opponent, hence why I switched to Ryu a month ago.
I REALLY want to learn Cammy though. She’s a lot of fun to play. I guess my understanding just isn’t quite there yet.
[My play has gotten more solid however. I played a bit of Cammy recently and she’s been working better than before]

The big problem I had with Cannon Strikes is that I usually do the motion too quickly which results in a normal jump with an early attack in USF4 ;_;
Besides EX, I don’t use it as an attack anyways. If you’re able to use it as a fake out though, that’d be amazing.

There’s a height limit on normal cannon strikes this time round so you can’t TK them. EX ones you still can. On the whole it seems a less important part of her offence.

There is a high limit indeed, but it’s not as high as in SFIV.

However I don’t have the feeling Cammy is worse in SFV than in SFIV.
With her much better Normals it’s so much easier to get in, you have barely any reasons to jump, because of your groundgame.

Just play Cammy and practice fundamentals with her, playing her fundamental is more effective than playing Ryu fundamental in this game.

No need to jump is great. That’s another thing that was difficult, approaching without jumping. Kinda had to rely on eating chip to slowly walk in or use EX Drill or something.
I havn’t played in the beta, so I don’t know her normals. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: now I’m really looking forward to playing her, especially since my fundamentals have improved a ton since I picked up Cammy in USF4.

I wouldn’t say she’s worse in SFV than she is in SFIV. Not USFIV anyway (Obviously she was godly in AE and AEv2012). I would just say she’s different. In SFIV, she was a rush-down in your face character. Her rush down was so good that most players never learned to use her footsies because their was no point.

SFV Cammy is more neutral based, but still strong. In both games, I’d consider her a Top 5 Character. I wouldn’t think of SFIV Cammy and SFV Cammy as the same. That’s like thinking of SFIV and SFV as the same. They are very different games. We can already see that now in the beta stages, and we haven’t fully explored the game yet.

That’s pretty much what one of my friends said. Sounds good to me.
I do like playing footsies, and her having strong normals will be neat :slight_smile:

Ha, wait till you play a down-backxxsafe-normalxxscythexxboom Nash or a spaced-right-fireballxxjump-all-over-the-placexxparry-obvious-approach Ryu. See how much you enjoy footsteps then. :wink:

I can smell the salt in your post.

If you have problems with these characters, just ask. They’re both pretty easy to break and even easier to make them nervous.

No salt,

Nope, no salt. Sry if it came off that way.

Does Cammy’s Spiral Arrows have their startup changed when she activates VT?
DaFeetLee twitted you can combo stMK xx VT into HK SA. And AFAIK you can’t even stMK xx VT stHP.
So how HK SA (that starts up in 7f) works and stHP doesn’t? Are SA faster while in VT?
That could open up a whole lot of punishes if you happen to block certain things while in VT.

According to the framedata from beta 3(there’re no for beta4) become all of Cammys DP’s 3f, but her Arrow has still 7f startup. They might have changed this with the 4th beta or the version they currently have on PS4.
It might be different with the day one patch too, but from what I know her VT arrows have 7f startup.

Something to put in the OP. I kinda forgot this already and now I can’t find it.

What are the invincibility frames on each DP type?

5 for light, 6 for medium, 7 for heavy and 10 for EX

Alright I got some:

  1. What button are you guys using to shimmy? I tried but since it doesn’t hit crouching I get stuffed all the time and I feel like other buttons either have no range or I find it hard to confirm.
  2. What frame traps are you using to bait throws? I’m struggling here due to predictability. Lights are bad meaties and strongs are great ones but push me back further. Thing is when I want to tick throw I do it with a light so it’s really predictable.
  3. Are you getting any usage out of divekicks or hooligan divekicks? How are you setting them up (what button, spacing, followups etc)?