Cammy progress thread

hey everyone ive been using cammy for a few months now and i keep running into the same problems i have playing her i have quite a few issues with jump ins and fireballs usually when i jump in i usually trade unfavourably and get run down by sweeps and reversals ill post up a few matches to show some of my problems but for now whats the best way to play cammy.
sorry if this thread is wrongly made

never jump in after a fireball its amost always a trap unless you did it off of prediction. Also if your like 3/4 distance away and they throw fireballs FADC backdash so you to get them to stop or waste an ex to stop your FA. Also, go for the SA and backthrow knockdowns so you can go into the Cannon Strike/fake crossup game. Also, most people atleast online just try to crouch jab everytime she gets close if they keep doing that go for the counter hit or if you have meter Cannon Spike FADC. Mix in some hooligan traps every once in a while but not too much. Dont know if these tips are the best so dont follow it like law these are just some of the things that help me out.

ive been trying to fadc cannon spike and i just cant tell when to do it when i mash fadc it comes out 3/10 but thats of no use and when im getting pressured by deejay for example his cross ups are rediculous and i try to backdash out of them etc but i meet his slide which is troublesome and getting cannon spike/spiral cannon blocked just leads to more punishing any ideas as to what i should do? thanks for the help so far

What?? lol

Don’t be afraid to just block sometimes. If you’re getting crossup pressure and people are stuff your Cannon Spike, block the crossup and throw a cannon spike afterward to catch them in a broken block string, that oughta teach them.

its not supposed to happen apparently and it does so i get quite frustrated

You should probably record a few videos (of losses) and post them here so people can help give advice.

Just asking in general what to do is well, too general. We can only give generic advice like keep practicing, try to recognize patterns (ie: your opponent’s block strings), keep blocking, don’t mash, constantly assess and analyze your game before (ie: what’s the matchup?), during (ie: what’s going on during the game? try to read your opponent), after (ie: you won? why? you lost? why? how?), etc.

As for how to play Cammy, there’s only one way, and that’s to find a knockdown or other frame advantage setup, and then begin your pressure/mixup games. There are a few exceptions though, like vs. Zangief it’s probably not a good idea to be anywhere near him.

can i add you on psn and see how i fare and you give me tips from there as i got a video recorder but i cant video myself X)

Ok sure but I dunno if it won’t lag since you’re from another country.

I have my own recorder (EasyCap) if you want me to record anything. You have a video recorder but you can’t record yourself? Why not?

because im playing at the same time i lost the stand for it lol im the UK so it may lag atm my internet is down but it should be up asap and ill play you

Your internet is down but you’re posting on SRK forums…?

im sorta borrowing off my neighbour illegally and the placement of the ps3 cant connect to it cuts out every few seconds

also i cant get the notifications to work on this site for the life of me

my internet is back up so ill add you now

thanks again for your help today

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also who has instant notifications working its just not happening for me i need to get my cammy updates asap @_@

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