Cammy Match-Up Discussion: Akuma

Discussion on the Cammy vs Akuma match-up goes here.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to knockdown Akuma, go for a meaty, have him teleport, walk back and still punish the teleport?
I’d test it myself but I’d have to buy him.

Assuming you’re taking about midscreen and he goes backwards, yeah you can react to the teleport and throw an H Arrow but if you walk back too far or Arrow too late you can land right in front of him or they can block it (frame disadvantage varies but the arrow can be safe). If he tries to teleport forward then you can keep holding your back input (which would become forward) and do st.HP/cr.MK xx whatever

No, I meant in the corner. You go for a meaty, Akuma teleports behind you. Can you walk back in time to punish him?