Cammy input needed for charting character stats

Just looking for input on this in general, and for each character specifically.

As stated I’d like to keep discussion for each character in the separate threads I am making in their respective sub forums, and input on the idea in general in the above thread.

Also as stated, despite discussion in this thread being open to anyone it would help me separate the wheat from the chaff if each forum could appoint someone who knows what the hell they are talking about to give me the numbers to plug into my spread sheet.

My garbage numbers for Cammy:

Endurance - 2
Reversal ---- 4
AA ------------ 4
Zoning ------- 2.5
Rush --------- 4
Mix up -------- 3.5
Dmg pot ----- 3
Viability ------- 2.5

Endurance - 2
Reversal ---- 2
AA ------------ 4
Zoning ------- 2.5
Rush --------- 4
Mix up -------- 3.5
Dmg pot ----- 3
Viability ------- 2.5

Other than the Endurance these are little more than place holder numbers. Input greatly appreciated.

The end result of all of this will be a spreadsheet with pull down menus to compare up to three characters like so:

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I’m going to quote your definitions in italics in my response since a few of my answers won’t make sense otherwise. (ie. Mix up being more like zoning, Zoning actually being mid range poking, etc)

This is all for U1 Cammy, which is the only Cammy that should be played outside of a select couple of matchups (C. Viper, Yang) where U2 is the better choice due to being usable on reaction to beat key mixup options. Also it seems like it’s almost impossible to score 5s on your scale, so in the end a 2 or 3 isn’t a low score, but average to good.

Endurance- Stamina + Stun / 2
2.0 = 950

Endurance: 2. As calculated above.

2 = Same as 0 but two areas greatly improved to average but one still flawed.

Reversal: 2. DP is very easily safejumped, making it a poor reversal on hard knockdowns. Still, her DP has above average invul, which combined with its slowness makes it more likely to break out of blockstrings. Backdash has the lowest amount of invincibility frames of any backdash in the game. EX Spin Knuckle can grant some escape from some chip out situations, but no other escape options otherwise.

3 = Average in all three areas, or slightly above in two but lacking in one

AA: 3. Normal move AA is average to good (close fierce), DP is average since it is fully invincible and has a large hitbox, but does low damage unless it connects air to air. Good DP FADC damage.

Zoning - More than just chucking plasma at people. Also the ability to deal with counters to the above. Controlling the opponent at mid range with pokes and dealing damage from mid to long range with specials or normals.

1 = Limited high risk options, likely EX dependent.

Zoning: 1. No plasma, limited to no control of opponent at mid range with pokes. Cannot deal reliable damage from mid to long range with specials or normals.

Rush down - The ability to get in from mid distance and deal damage up close. Hard knockdowns, keeping the opponent close while still dealing damage, countering or neutralizing reversals are all important.

3 = Same as 2 (has 50/50) but no troubles getting in, or excels in one area but can’t get in easily.

Rush down: 3. Excels at mixup once in, but has trouble getting in due to below average normals, weak normal divekick. Needs EX to safely get in via EX divekick.

Mix up - Similar to above but not so dependent on closing the gap. Think long range characters that combine projectiles with fast long range normals or special, such as Dhalsim and Seth, or hit and run characters such as Ibuki or Elf.

2 = Reliable but limited options.

Mix up: 2. Cammy is entirely reliant on closing the gap to be a threat. The only reliable option is EX Cannon Strike which is limited by meter.

*Damage potential - The ability to deal damage. Not just total numbers but in varied scenarios, off of lights, AAs, trades, close, mid, far. The ability to maintain the idea distance, punish whiffs from any distance, and stun output… *

Damage: 3. Average damage from light hitconfirms, crossups, and quick punishes. Low damage from AAs (65 or 100 damage). Good damage from full combos (typically starting with EX divekick). Overall average.

Viability: 2.5. Beats on a large number of lesser played characters who are ranked on her level or lower, which is not so important. Loses to every character in the top 10 except for C.Viper. These are the most played characters at tournament level so I’ve weighted these matchups more heavily.

Overall: Slightly above average character that loses in a lot of key matchups. This doesn’t cut it in SSF4: Unbalanced Edition, unfortunately. Which the overall weakening of several of these matchups, viability will likely increase in SSF4: AE: 2,012 Sagats Edition.

Don’t listen to Sycho, he’s the fraudDataPolice.

Endurance - 2 - 950 health, 950 stun. Decent numbers, but nothing spectacular.
Reversal ---- 4 - Sycho is mad because it’s not 3 frame :confused: If her problem is vs safe jump, doesn’t that mean it falls under AA?
AA ------------ 4 - She can pretty much anti-air anything at any range with st. hk, st. hp/mp and Cannon Spike. She can be safe jumped, but meh
Zoning ------- 2 - She’s got some decent pokes, but she’d rather be in your face.
Rush --------- 3 - She’s really good when she has the momentum, but it’s not easy generating offense with her.
Mix up -------- 4 - unblockables, tricky dive kicks, frame traps, ex dives… she’s good with the oki game. Really good.
Dmg pot ----- 3.5 - Most of her combos lead to the 200-250 range and a knockdown. At best she can hit just over 350.
Viability ------- 3.5 - She has a few bad matchups, but she’s like viper: 1 knockdown and it’s trouble

edit: I don’t think ultra 2 makes a difference with her numbers.

^what he said.

Mix up - Similar to above but not so dependent on closing the gap. Think long range characters that combine projectiles with fast long range normals or special, such as Dhalsim and Seth, or hit and run characters such as Ibuki or Elf.

Yes, Cammy = 4/5 at long range :xeye:

You should look at his criteria before tossing out numbers, I mean for all real purposes his scale goes from 0-4 (only Yun and V.Sagat would score 5s) so you’ve just said Cammy is the among the best ranged characters in the game.

0 = terrible, 1 = bad, 2 = average, 3 = good, 4 = great

  1. I don’t click on links.

  2. Why would that category be called Mixups?

TC, I demand to know why “Mix Up” is a good term for the long range game.

This whole thread was about trolling the guy who thought mixups were mixups. :confused:

The definition of categories is open for discussion, I’ll change if need be. As it sits now I think Mix up should include long range options as there are a decent amount of characters that do have long range Mix up abilities but the rating should be skewed slightly to favor close up options.

There is overlap in the categories, everything sort of plays off of the others really.

So, wouldn’t we rather have categories such as
close range, mid-range, and long range?

Things might look more complicated in the charts, but there would be less ambiguity with players posting their numbers.

Have you ever thought of doing something like this for the top sf players?

I did mention breaking up the categories exactly as you mentioned but the only people to voice opinions wanted it kept as it is.

What do you mean about the top players, rating them in categories?

I’d break the rankings up into as many categories as possible, then have multiple graphs for more broad categories (spacing, defense, offense, damage output/intake)

Rating the top players in categories would be fun, but there’s a lot more room for error.

I mentioned having two or more graphs for each character in one of the other threads. If this project pans out I will expand the scope when I do it again for the 2012 patch, but that won’t be until it has been out for at least 3 months.

And maybe KoF13 if I dig the game…

Stop putting graphs and charts in my Street Fighter.

This project is dumb.

That took effort on you part. Fucking off is easier.

Yeah don’t worry about azn skater, he’s just a troll. Good luck with your project. Take my numbers over sycho’s plzkthanks

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I think the player graphs would be cool. It will start a flame war for sure but I’ll get on it.

Maybe even put categories such as technical/theory and instinct for player graphs.

Revised ratings chart based on Steincriteria / whateverthefuckIwant
Use these numbers please :slight_smile:

Endurance - 4 - High health female!
Reversal ---- 5 - It’s invincible, I say!
AA ------------ 6 - Don’t fuck with 65 damage fierces
Zoning ------- 4 - I hear Cammy is great at far range
Rush --------- 5 - BEST WALK SPEED
Mix up -------- 5 - Incredible oki and unblockables from every hit
Dmg pot ----- 4.5 - She can do 580 damage meterless!
Viability ------- 4.9 - No bad matchups except Fei Looooool

Now you’re sounding like Diana Prince

I’m putting your numbers in provisionally. More discussion can change them but for now they stay.

Thanks, all, for the input.