camcorder help

hey guys need some input on these things willing to waste up to $600

so any recommendations?

edit: gonna be recording vids at evo so whats the best cam that would get good quality,sound etc. to be more specific lol.

thanx for the help

I’m running a special on the new high definition Canon HV20. I picked one up to do some weekend recording, and the video is absolutely amazing. It’s a bit more than the $600 price range you’re looking at (retails for $1100, but I’ve got them on sale for $870) but the extra $270 gives you a HUGE leap in quality. I can link you to some video samples if you’d like.

sweet thanx man link me :wgrin:

The camera is on the front page of my site. Link is in my sig. If you’re interested send me an email via the website, and I’ll give you the discount coupon.