Calling out all H2 players ( HAQ2049)

I just wanna play all you N00Bs on here that think your good. I saw Haq2049 post in his glitch thread saying he beat Troyboy4887 which used to be me. I’ll play you on any map 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, with tourney rules.

So if you think your good just post up your GT and we will set it up and I’ll post the stats after each match for all to see.

give me free xbl and you’re ONNNNN!!!

no but really, some one play me in Half-life 2!

i wanna kill you crouching fierce fags with a crouching crowbar to the nads!


Amen to that!! :tup:

Ok your both gay.

I’m too good at H2 thus you aren’t qualified to play me. :wink:

Hmmm I highly doubt it. Your prob not worth my time like everyone else.

Haq2049 why haven’t you replyed???

You’re one of those guys who takes H2 too seriously rofl sorry, don’t shoot me!

I guess my force of sarcasm was too strong for you? :shake:

HAQ2049= spoiled shit from northbrook IL(in the chicago area)

he’s a daranged little asshole who thinks he can beat anyone in anything.

Hey! you trashtalkers are all alike :All talk No action. learn from me how to back it up. every trashtalker I have met I have anhilated so shut your Garbage!!!

lol, wow dont hurt me Samurai.

Trust me I’ll rape you. I’ma send you a F/R and we will play.

I’m post the post game stats here so everyone can se how bad it was.

You have some nice stats I see, lets compare…

Samurai 20XX

Me ( Th3 Spar7an )

Dont know if my Slayer shows up for you but it didn’t for me. But its a 20. Also more then half my loses are from Standby faggots or my little brothers losing on my account.

I dont care about rank I have other xbox live games i got to play so shut your crap and make it worth my time. I can care less of rank your or mine or anybody elses. Florida rules.

Oh you live in Florida I see. You wouldn’t happen to be going to the tourney in Miami next weekend would you? If so we can play for money in H1 and H2 if you want to.

If you dont have the balls I’ll just own you online.

bull I will try to show up. where in miami? so I can head over there.

Look at the thread in Tourneys and Events.

Hmm, I haven’t been in this area for a litle while cause I don’t really care. But I came across this thread. Yeah, I’m up for a 3v3 MLG style. I’ll have to get 2 of my friends to agree with me. If they do, I’ll let you know through PM. Cool?

Edit: Lockout: MLG KOTH/MLG TS: 3v3

Honestly though, people take this game way to seriously in matchmaking, which is why I enjoy playing custom games instead. I dont give a shit about my rank, I don’t care if you’re some level 50 cause I know that I can make a new account as a level 1 and still kick your ass, I don’t give a shit about this fuckin game. Win or Lose, I don’t give a fuck, and if you start talking shit after the game, your just making your no life ass look as if you really have no life and that you take this game too seriously. If you DO beat me, I don’t care, what you gonna do? Brag about you beating me in a stupid video game? It’s a fuckin video game, and I know that you get your ass owned by a bunch of other people thus, making me give a rat’s ass. Peace.

LOL, just to let you know it’s just a video game BUT…I win money from it all the time. So why not take it serious.

Hit me up on AIM when ever your ready to get raped.

Played with you, weren’t as good as I thought but w/e (I even had to freakin standby to win with you, come on)(maybe it was cause of the other teammates so don’t take the blame, I’m just sayin).
I got one partner, and I’m waiting for my other one cause he’s busy praticing with his other 2 partners for a tournament he’s going to. So after the tournament, he said we’ll play 3v3. Current players on my team from what I know is:
Riordan12 , Malekeith / Pure Italian / French Boy (it’ll be one of them, most likely Malekeith though cause he’s the only one out of these names that isn’t going to make it to the tournament). I’ll have a final team though but that’s my basic sketch of who you’ll be playing.

Get a life. I actually thought you got one already, guess not.

And I care whos gonna be on your team why?!?!?

Not like it matters I can get 2 or 3 random people from my friends list and I’ll still win. Thats is actually what I’m doing.