Calling all ST players! Super Turbo Saturdays Inland empire, SoCal

My friends and I have been trying to keep ST alive, we will be hosting ST Saturdays every weekend. We currently we have 4 regulars, and we are looking for more. We play every Saturday, we figured it’s time to open the doors to other ST lovers in SoCal. Hopefully some of the ST community can make it out. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to PM me.

  • Location Yucaipa, California *PM me for details

  • Starts Saturdays at 2pm ends at 11pm *depends on how many ST players we have

  • No entrance fee

  • Bring your own stick *If it’s possible to bring another setup it would be welcome, PM me for more info.

  • Everyone is welcome

  • No Drugs / Alcohol sorry

  • Food, There’s a lot of food places nearby. We don’t sell or provide food.

I posted this to the So Cal ST Facebook group. You may want to check that group out and the No Honor Crew group on Facebook. That’s where all the ST discussion is these days.

Hey there! I’m glad to see you guys have an active scene out in the IE! I thought I had met all the ST players in this region by now, lol.

As Kuroppi mentioned, we have two facebook groups where we do the bulk of ST discussion and posts. Besides the Socal ST FB group up there, there’s also the NHC

It’s a private group for security reasons, but for all intents and purposes, we accept in anyone who’s not a spam bot. You should definitely join that group to join in on the latest discussions, shit talks, questions about the game, upcoming tournaments, etc…