Calling all ST players in the Bay Area

Lets face it is very difficult to find any competition for ST other than at Evo, so I am hoping that we can get some ST players to get together for a tournament or casual play. Tigercrane fist is hosting ST on one his machines at his place so, all we need now is enough people and of course the right day when peeps can make it.

I’m up in the East Bay but I come down to South Bay (Cupertino) sometimes. I would be down to play some ST.

Bro you know I’m down for some ST action. Gotta get some more Dictator vs. Guile action. I live like 2 hours from Milpitas, so if we could meet a little bit closer it’d be better on me.


Always wanted to learn, should, too bad everyone wants to play something else

batt try to rally people and bring em to oakland to play…working on the 3rd (ST) cabinet right now but it should be done in a few weeks.

Good stuff, I edited my original post I hope it attracts attention.


Seth, you know I haven’t been around in a bit, but I’m down for that ST if it’s going down at your pad. I heard you took down the ST cab? Anyways, I don’t know about hosting tons of people, but if it’s a small group, I can host too on occasion (when the place is cleaned up!). ST/CVS2 on the TV, ST on the comp monitor. San Bruno, 650, WHERE YOU AT???

Seth or thrust let me know when this is going down ok.



i might be town to play… however once STHD comes i think we’re gonna start playing that since its going to be at evo…

hey mike; yeah man, just temporarily though until I get a new monitor for the cabinet, shant be long.

I agree with n3ss about SFhd, but nothing replaces good 'ol real life competition and that handshake after a good game. A whole different type of interaction… or have we been staying indoors for so long that we’ve forgotten how to interact socially and meet people in real life '=P lol

Anyone free Monday or Tuesday? I’m trying to set something up…

I play occasionally and casually, in other words…scrubby…but i’d like to actually get decent at this game, so i’ll keep an eye on this thread.

I have to agree with thrust on the real life comp thing. Having to go far places for comp is old school, just like this game. It’s all part of the experience.

just to lay this out, i’m always down for some nice competition. I commute from south bay during weekends and go to grad school in north bay during the week. on thursday, i head out to berkeley for classes. So if any of you want to get in touch, then send me a message. granted, i don’t have lots of time available, but i’ll try to make room for gatherings. GG is my main, but i’m open to all FGs.


Alright, so is anyone down to play on Thursday in San Bruno? I have two screens, one for sure is going to be ST, the other might be CVS for part of the time. Post up if interested. I live pretty close to the Bart station/Tanforan mall.