Calling all DBZ B3 players! Need some info, please!

Why or why isn’t this game played seriously? Is it just because it’s a DBZ game or it’s odd style? It’s not broken is it?

my belief is that people think that it cant be played competitively, here in my country there at least one tournament per month of DBZ B3 & DBZ BT3, a tv show dedicated to video games run them, along with other games that many people wouldnt think that could be played on tournaments like Mario Party for example

super dbz is better

Mario Party is the shit people just don’t know how competitive Mario Party gets.


subjective, not everyone seeks a traditional fighter when it comes to DBZ games you know, SDBZ lacks of everything that defines DBZ

i know, that shit can be really hillarious

What country is this and how can I watch this magical tv program?

People DO play it seriously. Like me, DeadlyRaveNeo and ShadowAce50…

There’s even loads of info on it on the SRK wiki, so there must be other people that are aware of it.

Most people don’t like it because its DBZ. Casual DBZ fanboys don’t like it because it has mechanics that you have to actually learn and stuff you have to practice. Others don’t like the fact meter management and baiting teleports is a big part of the gameplay.

But yeah, there’s not a huge scene for it.

I do like Super DBZ a little more though, but B3 is good.

So out of all the DBZ games, B3 is considered the best? What about Infinite Worlds?

I think the dude in the other thread kinda summed it up when we were commenting on it.

I got infinite world (basically B3 with tweaks and every fucking character from the anime and GT) and I thought it was a steal and to be honest it is quite good.

But the problem arises that I don’t think they balanced it all quite enough and just sorta threw everyone and all the new stuff in without fully considering it and overall B3 is kinda better for seriousness. Stuff like buffing up Goku for no reason (he was already good); raping Piccolo TOO much, etc, some of the GT characters are maybe too beastly.

Honduras, but its only avaible localy, the fartest place where i heard that they transmit it is on some cable companies on Central America, the show is ok, but what is good about it is that the host really likes video games, and is very supportive about running tournaments from different games and showing the finals on its show, he is a nice guy

-DBZ characters. Check
-Beams that blow shit up. Check.
-Fast. Check.
-Golden hair transformations. Check.

What do people want ? Excessive screaming?

I actually think Budokai 3/Infinite World/Burst Limit are probably the best in terms of bringing a competitve nature, game-wise. Those others, like Raging Blast, seem to just be pointless melee all over the place.

I haven’t played my Budokai 3 in a while, but I clearly had the best competition when I played it.

Go look at the youtube videos of it, from what ive seen there are a ton of infinites

also, you have to unlock all the characters specials moves for them to be good.

And certain characters were designed to be better than others, like how kid buu’s energy bar fill up a lot quicker than others, and characters like yamcha couldn’t stand a chance against a character with the ability to be a super saiyen, as those who can transform can link that to their ultimate move.

so yeah im pretty sure its broken.

When I went to either Season’s Beatings 2 or 3 there was one station playing strictly Budokai 3, and there were about 3 people there who really knew that game in and out. After talking with them and playing against them, I can confidently say that when it comes to high level play, this game is unbalanced and silly (mostly because of long combos and/or infinites). But, just like some other people mentioned: Because it is a DBZ game, people tend to prejudge it. The more and more I played B3, the more uniqueness and variety I found in it, definitely one of the most fun DBZ game I’ve ever played.

It’s kinda like 3S. If people play the good characters matches can be balanced. If it’s an uneven matchup, the chances for the lower-tier character to win are slim but not nonexistent.

Capsule setups complicate things, though.

Bardock is god. Best no-transformation damage in the fucking game, and a long-ass combo chain off PP<-P.

Here is a tournament match
this guy has more on his channel

being GDLK :smokin:

Because when you think DBZ you think fast pace…

Truth. RIP Super DBZ thread.:sad:

Wow! Lots of infinites! Plus, I notice that the game was designed to be a wide area fighting game, but the high level fights seem to stay on the ground in basically the same spot the whole time as each character just takes turns trying to land combos. Why don’t people fly around and shit like I see when casual gamers play it?