Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 official thread.

Basic Info:

Release Date: November 10, 2009 worldwide
Genre: First Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Developer(s): Infinity Ward
Publisher(s): Activision, Square-Enix(Japan Only)
Mode(s): Single-player, cooperative and multiplayer (online, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live)

Modern Warfare 2, it’s the sixth installment of the Call of Duty series, and the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, continuing along the same storyline. The developer has stated that the game’s proprietary IW 4.0 game engine is an improvement over the engine used in its previous game.

In response to questions about the length of the single-player campaign, Infinity Ward CCO Jason West stated that Modern Warfare 2 would not be longer than the 6-10 hour-long campaign of Call of Duty 4. Mission settings in the game will include Russia, a military base in Kazakhstan, a desert area in Afghanistan, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A trailer released on the official Infinity Ward Youtube page teased fighting at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., although it is unknown if the game will feature fighting in that setting. New features include the ability to dual wield handguns.

I think we should start a SRK Clan for Modern Warfare 2, we can make a great team, challenging other clans or playing just for fun with our clan partners, i want this game so badly, we can share game experiences, matchmaking and gg posts in here.


im definitely down to join. only problem is i’ve never really gotten into first person shooters. if someone was willing to help me out at first then i’d be willing to join a clan.

I can help you, we can start with the first modern warfare, do you have it?

no i don’t. i’m thinking it would just be better to wait a few weeks for modern warfare 2 to come out, instead of playing the first one.

Nonsense. COD4 is one of the greatest games of all time. Go rent it or something.

You really should give it a shot.

i got a hookup at activision! so hopefully i’ll have the game around same time u guys get it.

If yall make a Srk clan im def down! Gonna be addicted to this for a bit!

im getting the game on launch day so im down for a srk clan or anything else. i’m also down to play kz2 so feel free to add me or message me :china: .

Drawing to win free copy of the game

Just answer quiz questions and you have an entry in it.

Worth a shot. lol

I’ll be playing it on the 10th no matter what

Just haven’t decided if I want to get it on Ps3 or PC

I’d also be down for SRK clan

SRK Clan ? Im down, sign me up !
Lets do Gamebattles :slight_smile:

im in

Likewise. Hit me up, my PSN is: CooI_Breeze (and yes that’s a capital " i " in my name)

How long does it usually take for the new maps to come out? I hate having to pay for new ones

I already have my copy, and I will tell you it is amazing! It hasn’t disappointed me at all. Worried about lag, dropped connections? Host migration solves it all. Guns, Perks, Death Streaks, Kill Streaks. This game has it all.

PS3 multiplayer main screen

My XMB with MW2 in the background

My friends and I playing for the first time

PS3 Disc

LOL Dan posting on SRK.
I’ve been playing with him, and i can tell you, it is worth the hype!

I will give my review of this game after I play a bit more.

It’s worth the Hype!

Game play
The game has 3 modes to offer, yes 3 modes. Spec Ops, Campaign and Multiplayer. You basically get 3 games bundled into 1 price since each mode has so much content and was very well put together.

Spec Ops is kind of the Survival and Time trials compared to SF4, where you are given a target or mission which you have to complete and earning stars (points) for a grand total of 69 stars.

Campaign mode is the same as always in any FPS. You are given a task to do while following the storyline. The AI has also improved and there aren’t any endless hoards of enemies that randomly spawn and try to kill you. They get active, I mean they do everything to stop you from achieving your goal, where it’s to kill you or (sorry no spoiler =P). Not much more to say here, but you get the idea.

Multiplayer is where most of the people will be playing and where the real fun begins. There are about 16 maps IIRC. They are about the average size of Overgrown from MW1 and only 1-2 maps are as small as Showdown. The maps get really big and at times frustrating since there is no where to hide. You will get shot from anywhere. They have greatly increased the amount of guns and sidearms in this game. I used the term sidearm because you no longer need the overkill perk where it is replaced. The sidearms ranges from pistols, small SMGs, shotguns, and grenade launchers. I think there’s like 4-5 in each category to choose from and each have their own set of weapon achievements to unlock different attachments. Guns range from Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, Sniper Rifles and Riot Shield (no you can’t use a gun and shield simultaneously, you have to switch between them). Guns offered as sidearms aren’t the same as the regular guns, just smaller/weaker versions of it. Oh yea, you can use silencers on LMGs and Shotguns LOL. Now for perks - Online has a lot more perks than the split screen mode. You have 7 equipment which ranges frags to tactical insertion (you can choose where you spawn).3 Special Grenades - smoke, flash, stun. Perk 1 & 2 - 5 perks each, where Perk 3 has 6 perks for some reason. Mixture of classic and new perks with upgradable perks as well, yes you can upgrade perks as you level which becomes permanent if you stay in the prestige otherwise you gotta unlock them again. Death Streak is a new feature - 4 options where you can choose a perk where if you don’t kill anyone within a certain amount of deaths it gets activated. There aren’t as many perks as there were in MW1, but some of the stuff there people didn’t use and they have decided to take out. (IIRC they took out Juggernaut? Or I haven’t unlocked it yet.) But with that being said, there is a lot more customization involved even though the number of perks are a bit lower than the first. The Kill Streaks are another nice feature with a lot of options, as you level up you get points to spend on any kill streak you want. With the highest kill streak being at 25 kills, it is most likely you will unlock that much later. There’s about 20 or so different Kill streaks, I can’t remember on the top of my head. What I do remember was getting EMP bombed cause some guy got a 15 kill streak and disabled all our UAV, Scramblers(Jammer), and HUD. I was basically running into the edge of the map during the time, and it lasted a good 90 seconds if not more? Real good stuff to choose from. Ummm same modes to choose from, TD, S&D, HTD, HS&D, cage match etc. Oh since I have this for the PS3, we always came across the problem of a laggy host and we all get booted once the host leaves. You can forget all of that, they included a VERY IMPRESSIVE feature called host migration where if the host drops out due to a bad connection or just rage quitting :wink: they game will not end, it will pause the game and choose another host within the game which takes only 3seconds, then another count down timer begins “Resuming game in 10…9…8…2…1”

The graphics in the game is simply amazing, pushing the power of both systems (PS3/X360). They have added sooo many new particle shadows and renderings. All the models, textures and color ambiance really puts you in the action. You see debris flying everywhere, fire, smoke, you name it. It looks outstanding. The only reason I gave it a 9.5 is because when I look back at the detail in MW1, it was slightly more detailed and with a higher resolution. I understand why they had to make it just a little under MW1 texture resolution is that there is so much stuff happening all at once that it will affect the gameplay. You remember when someone calls in an Airstrike? You see the screen shaking and lagging? It doesn’t happen here anymore, not even when my Harrier Airplane does a small air strike and hovers around shooting ;).

The sound is another awesome job they did. It makes you feel like you’re in the firefight. If you have surround sound at home, then you will hear every little detail and know where each bullet is coming from. The sound that the guns make is in a league of its own, each sound different with every shot. The musical theme, intro music will make you fall in love with the game alone. It’s that good. The only thing that bothers me is when the voice at the beginning of the round and he says “Let’s go get them marines” or “Take no prisoners” from MW1, they sounded real. In this game, the voice at the start of the match is kinda weak with no feeling. That’s just me though.

I haven’t finished the game yet, and it continues from MW1(Which makes sense since this is a sequal) So far this game has kept me on the edge of my seat. So many different twists and turns which will always leave you hanging. Oh when you first pop in the game, it will ask you if you want to skip this mission where it gets I guess graphic? I sugguest you don’t skip it and this game will really get you thinking whether it is good to shoot people. It’s been the only game to make me think twice about shooting people for the greater good. But I will not spoil it for you people :slight_smile: Overall, amazing storyline so far and the game ties in with the first once nicely.

Hope you enjoyed my review! Hope to see you on PSN and on the battlefield. This game was definitely worth it. Questions or comments just PM me. We are also looking for people to join our clan, if interested PM me or TDeneka on SRK or PSN.

SRK COD clan anyone??? I’m down. Clan tag: SRK

add me to play some mw2 guys, I’ll be getting it next week!

PSN ID: GameBreakuH