Call a meeting at the board..and arrange pick-up of the Suit - The Lex Luthor Thread

Hey whats up everyone…
I looked on here, and the only Lex Luthor thread is a parody video with nothing else.
Ok, any tips and tricks with Lex? I know its an uphill battle with most of the cast, but I wanted to gather as much information about matchups, safe combos, setups, traps, etc. I’m just starting out with him, but here’s a couple of things I’ve noticed:

  1. Push block frame trap

  2. Moves to set up a G-Mine:
    a) standing 3. It either knocks them full screen away and you can throw the g-mine, or if they block, it still pushes them back farther to place a G-Mine (Although Im not 100% sure about this)
    b) U+3:
    Two punches
    The downside to this is that it sometimes trades, or you may accidentally get a jumping 3.
    But after this, if you buffer the commands, Lex throws out the G-Mine quicker.
    c) D+3
    After a knockdown trip

  3. Lex probe possible frame trap.
    Launch a probe when possible (Much better if far away), then do a regular Orbital Strike. If the probe is blocked, then the orbital strike will hit. Can anyone confirm this? I’ve also seen when the probe laser hits, the Orbital Strike also hits for a two hit combo.

  4. Lex MB Orbital Strike.(With 4 bars)
    Ok, someone please confirm this:
    I’ve done a full screen OS MB, and if it connects, go into another OS MB, and if that one connects, go into 3 more OS MB’s, and they all connect. I thought the unblockable OS was only for the regular version, but my buddies haven’t been able to block OS MB. The only thing I’ve noticed is if they are jump happy or like to move around, this doesnt work too well, so I try to do it at a distance. Thoughts?
    Here’s a video that shows it. It starts at about 1:05

So 14+10+14+14=52% Free Damage? Possibly more?

Any others?


  1. What is Luthor’s best Anti Air?
    The only things I use are the Corp Charge Chest Bump (QCF+2 or B-F+2).
    I also like to use Up+3 for those two hits. One reason I like this is that if you do it and buffer it into the G-Mine (D,D+3) the bomb comes out really fast, and you can place it near them and go for a mix up from there, since the two punches knock them up and away while you put down the G-Mine.

So thats pretty much all I know. If you guys know any other things, please post and share! I really want to see a good Lex out there!