California Regionals January 17-18 2009 - DENJIN ARCADE

Every year, Norcal Regionals has been the big tourney, but this year, seems like Norcal Regionals is not happening, so the Socal scene decided to step up and make an event similar to Norcal Regionals. This will be held at Denjin Arcade in Simi Valley. This is during Martin Luther King weekend, so it is a long weekend for everyone.

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

I will have more information about maybe a sponsorship from Triumvir, the clothing company who is doing the SF4 clothing line as well as hotel/motel accomodations for out of towners.

So let me get into details of the tourney. The tourney will be a 2 day event. Hopefully all out of towners, can show up on Friday Jan. 16, see the arcade and play osm ecasuals. Saturday will be the team tournies and the BATTLE FOR CALIFORNIA. Sunday will be singles tournies.

Saturday Schedule:

All signups start at 12pm and would like to start the tournies by 3pm. I’ve been a part of tournaments for a long time and I know, no matter what you try to do, no tourney will EVER start on time. So hopefully 3pm :slight_smile:

Team games will include:

3on3 SF4 : $15 per team. 1 game double elimination.
3on3 3rd Strike : $15 per team. 1 game double elimination, top 4 teams play 2/3.
3on3 ST : $15 per team. 1 game double elimination, top 4 teams play 2/3
3on3 MvC2: $15 per team. 1 game double elimination, top 4 teams play 2/3
*********3on3 CvS2: $15 per team. 1 game double elimination. **********

I would like to run a CvS2 team tourney as well, but that all depends on if we can get an extra cabinet for CvS2 or play on console, but we have some time to figure out the interest for this.

I’m not sure if there is enough interest to do a Blazblu tourney unless people post and plan to come for it.

The Battle for California:

This is a 5on5, Socal vs Norcal in 5 games. The side that wins the most games, takes home Lord Bagrats Cup, a trophy named and bought by the owner of Denjin Arcade. So if Socal wins, the trophy stays in Socal, if Norcal wins, Norcal takes the trophy home with them to Norcal. And we will fight for this trophy again at the next regional.

The games included in the 5on5 will be:

SF4, 3rd Strike, MvC2, CvS2, and ST

You guys can decide on who gets to represent Norcal or Socal for the teams. This event will happen when all 3on3 team tournies reach top 4. We will then stop the tourney and run this exhibition before continuing onto top 4.

Sunday Singles:

Singles signups will start on 12pm and tournaments will begin at 3pm.


SF4: 2/3 Double Elimination, $10 a player
3rd Strike: 2/3 Double Elimination, $10 a player
CvS2: 2/3 Double Elimination, $10 a player
MvC2: 2/3 Double Elimination, $10 a player
STHD Remix: 2/3 Double Elimination, $5 a player*
Blazblu : 2/3 Double Elimination, $5 a player
Soul Caliber 4 : 2/3 Double Elimination, $10 a player

If there are requests for any other games, I can post them up too.

Extra information: Might have a booth from Triumvir.

I also need help from people to run each game, anyone want to volunteer, that would be great for this community, socal guys, please step up.

I’m sure I am forgetting a lot of information right now, but as it all comes to me, I will edit it and put it on here. Can’t wait to see everyone, especially the Norcal guys. Please chime in and let me know what I’m missing.

Also, look for a podcast with Gootecks, where I will go into more detail about this big event. This is one of the first regionals in Socal in some time, hope we will make this event as best as possible and for everyone in Socal to be really excited about it.

Here is the podcast as promised, downloaded originally from which talks about the California Regionals and such.

You should list HD Remix instead of ST, unless that game somehow turns out sucky it’ll probably become the standard by the time this tournament comes around.

I can run 3s both days. Can’t wait for this.

oh shit this sounds dope! ill do what i can to help out also.

I’ll be there.

can i play for denjin arcade? ^_~

I reaallllly want to come to this. Who will be on my 3S team??

I heard Kai is looking for teammates. :wink:

I can help with 3s!

Everyone please come and support what will be the best tourney on the west coast.

I can help run STHD and cvs2 if needed

This shit is gonna be HYPE

i can help run sf4, cvs2, or 3s. i also suggest we get some tv/ps2s for the cvs2 tournament. cvs2 is a console game now. i can bring a tv + ps2/cvs2.


Be serious.

we need some hype CR avatars.

Ill jump on that

I’ll be able to bring HDRemix, but only the 360 version.

excellent !!! Sounds fun…since I have been a maverick force in Nor Cal CvS2 history I may decide to show up.
My opinion is to run a Nor Cal tourney for the Top 5 spots. That’s the logical and fair thing to do instead of let elitist’s just choose a team.

please team up with me and jal for all games… and ill buy you booze.




ST will be done on the arcade port.

this is gonna be hella sickkkkkkkk!!!