Calgary Tourney December 18th

Tourney date: December 18th 2004
Location: University of Calgary Campus Cove. Inside MacEwan Student Hall. (2500 University Drive NW)
Sign up begins at 11am, and tourney starts at latest 12:30.

Games include: cvs2, mvc2, sf3s. GGXX only upon request with enough interest.

This will be an exciting tourney, especially now we have top players coming from Edmonton, possibly B.C, and Calgary has new blood plus old players improved dramatically in cvs2.

Note: If housing is necessary, please post here and we will do our best to help.

Entry fee options suggested by the arcade owner as following:

Choice#1: Usual $10 per game, or $24 for all 3 games. Free play and tournament mode. Owner takes very little from pot, with the rest goes to prizes. (70%-1st, 20%-2nd, 10%-3rd)

choice#2: Lower entry fee, $5 per game, or $12 for all 3 games. Owner double the pot. Free hot dog and surplee for entering. Use pay per play format with tournament mode.

Please let me know what you guys think of the choices.

I’m down to come for this if some others from BC are down to go with!

I think Choice 1 would be better… I mean, who needs hot dogs over free play?!.. I dont really care too much about the size of the pot, just as long as its there for motivation… doubling the pot wouldnt do much for me comming, I’d still wanna come just as much… its the experience im in for! =P

Hopefully BC will wanna go… if so, awesome!

I hope to see some of you guys at our BC tourny on November. 27th…

i think someone was asking for this? multiply those prices by two cuz u still gotta get back to vancouver.

hmm the only flight i can take is the one that leaves at 12 and gets to calgary at 2:20 pm, cuz i got a final in the morning. are any of u bc guys thinking about going too? if so, lets take the same flight, im sure ian will wait for us haha

i might go, not sure though, cuz i also have exams that week… 50% chance :tdown:

Loney Driver, (Ron, right?)

If you guys are coming for our tourney, we will for sure want to make it convinent for you as well. Be sure to let me know early, so I can arrange everything properly without affect other people, okay.

its around 300 by plane, 180 by bus… anyone willing to drive there? Im sure we’ll save a KILLING on just gas…

yeah its ron, sup ian, yeah i’ll tell u ahead of time

haha shit i doubt anyone will drive that far during that kinda weather, navid.

doesnt 300 bucks sound steep?.. i dunno, gutta think about this.

i bet it’s going to be snowy that time of month.

such bad timing ian… half of us still go to school… (at least I DO) … AND THATS ALL THAT FUCKING MATTERS!!! ME!!! ME!!! WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT ME?!? i still have 2 exams after the 18th…one on the monday and another on the tuesday… SO FUCK THAT SHIT BITCH…

LOL naw… it’s okay… good luck to everyone… booo… i wanted to do some cvs2, sigh back to studying… =[

LOL. I’m glad I’m done school. Exams suck. Especially Multiple choice ones with letters A-N. 14 possible options. No way you can guess on those ones. Stupid engineering exams. Work sucks too.

Who wants a piece of my ghetto Chun-Li?

my 3rd strike is bomb now… i can parry fireballs…

Parrying is useless. More useless than Haohmaru’s hurricane fireball.

Well, We have basically two choices for the tourney day… before or after the new year. Since it is best to have a tourney on a Saturday, our choices are limited to either Dec 11, 18, 25 or Jan 1st and later. For sure, we can do another one after this one and give you more time to prepare for your ass kicking in cvs2 if you haven’t gotten enough yet, J/K :badboy:

Byron, are you coming to the cove any time Friday? And what’s with the Chun Li? are you talking about cvs2 chun li or 3rd strike?

Okay, I just want to know if I can talk the owner of the cove into letting us have a fighting game night on this coming Saturday, how many of you can make it, say it starts at around 5 or 7pm to whenever the cove closes.

We pay $10 entry fee and gets to play mvc2, cvs2, 3s in free play mode.

Let me know as soon as possible, because I need to know if we can have enough people coming in order to set it up, please. :clap:

OKAY!!! so this part is written after I have confirmed with the owner of the cove that ON Saturday OCT 30th, starting at 5pm to closing(1am), all fighting games are in free play mode, and the entry fee is $10. :tup:

Ian: i’m free. i’ll come. i can’t play 3s anymore, but we’ll see. post the detail please…

bryon: i’ll have a piece of your ghetto 3s chunli.

Im a 80% go for this one.

Who the hell has exams after the 18th? that’s sick.

Westjet has cheaper flights from Van to Cowtown, btu its still just under $300 with taxes etc.

I do… See Ray, you’re not the only one…
I also have one 8am in the morning ON the tourney day… =P

Fight Night

Hey Ian, I’ll come if there’s more people coming. You know it’s a long ride via the bus, so I’ll go if there’s alot more peeps coming (esplly 3S).

Hey RAy, I can’t seem to win anymore in CvS2. Play me for a bit so I can get some confidence back okay? :badboy:

It looks like we may have around 10 plus people coming if they all show up of course. So it should be negotiable with this number.

BTW Troung, you don’t want to earn your confidence from Ray any more, he has gotten way better than he used to be. He still gets his butt kicked every now and then, but don’t underestimate him because he is a fast learner.