Calgary Thread 2018

Hey, apparently nobody made this so I guess I’ll make the last SRK Calgary thread.

We still meet weekly at the UofC’s fighting game club FGCC:
and a bunch of us are hiding in the anime games discord:

Happy new year and bye SRK forums

Also by we I don’t actually mean any of the old Calgary thread regulars

RIP SRK forums 2018. Shout out to the FCG squad in calgary still holding it down.


damn, 18 years went by pretty quick since i started visiting these forums

i’ll have to check out the weekly UofC meetups one of these days

Hi guys,

If anyone has a fighting stick and want it modded for ps4.
Just let me know, i can mod it for you for $110.

Its $60 msrp (01/25/2018) for a Sony License electronic board, and i’ll do it for $50 labor and materials.
Right now I work @ Bestech Electronics, so my soldering skills are professional.

Just msg me if you’re interested.

Thank you,

If I do service of modding a stick for you.
Please do not slam or bang the stick.
Physical trauma can damage the main board if so.

Hi everyone!

I recently moved to Canmore, Alberta and was looking for a community. I play most fighting games, but I am mostly looking forward to MK11.
Does anyone have weekly/Monthly casuals around the Calgary area? Would love to come and meet new people.