Calgary Flooded

For those of you who haven’t heard this is going down right now:

Damn, hope everyone out there is ok

Looks like Canada cup will be called Atlantis cup…I wrote that joke.

I’m speechless.

Somebody save Bret Hart

I think some of my old friends live there. I hope they’re OK. Lapchi (Canada Cup organizer) on Twitter was saying that people were going nuts cleaning out supermarkets.

Was there an evacuation warning in advance?

The downtown core and surrounding areas were hit hardest along with any neighborhoods along the river. I’m a little further north so I’m ok, but about 100k people had to be evacuated. It was pretty sudden though. The rain was going steady for days, but yesterday brought it all over the edge within the span of a couple of hours.

Hope tubby dogs is ok.

It should be :wink:

That’s crazy.

I’ve been through three floods like this (Twice in my hometown, Once in Seoul), and all three times were just crazy. I was always on higher ground that never got hit, but to see what happened was just surreal.

Like seeing places you were just at a day or two ago underwater, it’s frightening.

I also want to make a Jarome Iginla joke, but nope. Just hope there’s no casualties.

…Yo that sucks balls. Even minor floods can be problem.

I hope everybody is safe.

I hope people are being sheltered and fed and cared for. Don’t bother praying because praying never works. The best thing to do is to donate money to a secular aid organization.

Perhaps the melting polar icecaps are to blame for the increased precipitation? But maybe we must first blame ourselves for the carbon footprint that raised temperatures that melted the polar caps in the first place.

Brisbane, Australia just went through this kind of thing 2 years ago.

Take care, my fellow servants of the Crown.

If it is indirectly due to pollution, then maybe it’s karma considering Alberta’s environmental record with the oil sands. Then again, I’m sure the people making the real big bucks are safely sheltered.

But yeah, kicking people when they’re down and all that.


Yeah, the venue for Canada Cup 2012 is probably submerged in waist deep water right now. Haven’t gone to the grocery store, but I heard people are treating it like the end of the world.

So how is it there? I’m guessing you guys have no power and no methods of transportation aside from boats?

I just hope people out there had extra food and water just in case. Cereal is good because it’s ready to eat and has a long expiration date.

Nah, I’m watching barfights right now in the comfort of my home. People outside of the danger zones are still driving, but downtown is still pretty much submerged. City is advising to stay home though, they don’t wanna have to rescue any heroes when their resources are already spread pretty thin.

It’s mostly the downtown core and surrounding area that’s fucked. To give you a better idea, Calgary is actually at a fairly high elevation (Rockies), so there are hills all over the place. The core is sitting at 3400 ft elevation and that’s one of the lower lying parts of town.

That’s a lot of maple syrup.

Lots of flooding, but no moose caught up in it, floundering around in the streets? Did they somehow know to clear out beforehand? They must have been pretty close to the flooded areas, cuz they end up causing a news stir in the city at least 3 times a year, wandering into backyards and shopping districts. I wonder if the residents kind enough to have a salt/mineral lick in their back yards found clumsily written notes saying “Gtfo or you will die!..j/k, but you really need to evacuate. Something bad’s comin’, eh” stuck to their glass patio doors.