Calamity Trigger worth?

I know Contiuum Shift is improved and has more stages and chars. However, my doubt is the other way around. Is Calamity Trigger worth if you already have Continuum Shift? I mean, does the former has any different stages, for instance, in comparison with Contiuum Shift? Thanx.

As far as stages, characters, moves etc, I think pretty much everything has transferred over to Continuum Shift. However (and even if you hadn’t considered doing so, I recommend you to), you should get the game simply for the storyline alone. After eventually working your way through it you’ll gain an improved understanding of the story for this one, which as far as I’m concerned is the best fighting game storyline currently going.

if you are interested on things like story, maybe
if you are interested on the game for the gameplay, i would say no, BBCS is better than BBCT in many aspects, now for the sake of novelty, i say yes, but you wouldnt be playing the game for so long, unleast you want to play top tier rachel

wrong section btw, there is a BB section where you can ask this

For the Story Mode, there’s always Youtube lol. :lol:

Sillyness aside, the way I see it, the only reasons why you would get CT right now is

  1. For the Story Mode
  2. If you’re a trophy whore

Theres also a few different voice clips in CT.

Personally, I thought CT was more balanced than CS. The tier list now is bonkers.
waits for the fanbase to shoot him

Wait for the next upgrades.

Lambda is a strong character in CS.

Nu is Lambda except much of her movelist and movement is faster, safer, and leads to much more damage, she can backdash out of half her moves, she can guardbreak with safe blockstrings from across the screen, she can burst once a round win or lose and not even give a fuck while most of the cast has to worry about taking massive damage if they do it, 5C autocorrects, her ground BnB doesn’t move her close to the enemy when done near the corner, her gravity well has no recharge meter (or A invulnerability, but who cares), and she can jump back while blocking. Plus some other shit I probably forgot and easier defensive escapes across the board.

Nu is only the second best character in CT. The worst character in CT is as bad as the worst character in CS.


Calling CT more balanced than CS isn’t an opinion. It’s fucking stupid. You can’t get your pants in a bundle every single time a game nerfs stuff.

no believe I wasn’t that mad about it, and I do still play CS, I just feel that they changed stuff that didn’t need to be changed.
In CT, The tier list was this
S tier: Nu
Shit tier:
B Tier: Everyone else
As lopsided as the list may seem, the game was balanced. Everryone could beat the S tiers as long as they knew the matchup and played the match well. Thats all that was needed.
Now in CS the tier list is like
S tier: Litchi, Bang
A+ Tier: Carl Clover,Arakune, Iron Tager
A Tier: Ragna, Hakumen, Taokaka
B tier: Jin Kisaragi,Hazama,Lambda, Tsubaki,
C tier: Rachel Alucard, Noel Vermillion,
much more defined, much more rigid.
Not to mention now, there’s even more lopsided matchups than in CT.
I don’t know, I just feel they got it right in CT, then fucked it up in CS.

Where the fuck did you get that tier list lmfao…

A+ - Tager
B - Hazama

You MUST be trolling.


I guess my tier list info is old, but I still stand by my opinion.
either way, you don’t give a shit about my opinion, I don’t give a shit about yours >_>

Neither one of them are worth picking up

I’m sorry- I didn’t hear you. I was too busy watching CS2 vids.(Which makes this argument is pointless)
Fact is that CS1 disc+patch=CS2 soon. So embrace your copies.

Any form of CS2 console has not been mentioned yet. If it is a patch, it probably won’t be until July, like every home version of Blazblue has been since CT.


good joke man

it seems that you are serious o_O
there where 3 shit tiers on BBCT, Bang, Tager, Hakumen
the top tiers dominated so stupidly good on ct to the point that even the “b tier” was unable to play their game, a match against the top tiers was play the game as the top tier wanted, the only exception to this being jin because he was stupidly good, not only that, also some characters were simply useless against not only the top tiers, they were useless agaisnt half the cast, like hakumen, being free against bang for example who btw was as shitty as him
hell, the game have stupid mechanics like the guard libra and the burst system, jin ice break mechanic, believing that CT was more balanced or a better game that CS is just stupid, the game had to much dumb stuff to be even considered a descent game

everyone is free to have an opinion, but dont expect that people respect yours when is clearly wrong, to the point that believing firmly about it only makes you seem like a fool and an ignorant
calling a game were there were a lot of 7:3 and 8:2 and posibly two 9:3 matches ratio balanced is just stupid

Mori said 6 months after CONSOLE BBCS release, which is January.
If he was just trolling us, I’m not waiting until july with BBCS1. I’m moving to AH3 and MVC3. (Unrelated to the fact that I’m still playing GGAC and HDR from time to time)

I played CT Bang against a “Japanese Arcade raised” Arakune. It really felt like trying to beat Yun or Chun with Twelve, or Zangief vs Old Sagat.

Not saying that BBCS doesn’t have problems, but it’s overall better than CT and hopefully we will get more new versions until the franchise could someday be as good as Guilty Gear. (They’ll also have to fix the normal throws for that)

Wouldn’t hold my breathe for anything Mori says.

Also, moving on to not BB is in your best interest.

if you learn the matchups properly they are winnable. Jap players have proven that.
then again, not alot of people liked the game enough to continue playing anyway.
People gave up the game because the “toptier was unbeatable”.
But people were willing to learn bad matchups in SSF4 right?
Americans give up way to quick.

whatever dude, feel free to believe what you want but dont expect that people take you seriously when you say dumb things like that