Cal Poly Tournament 01/20/07: Hyper Fighting

  1. Chris (mtsac kid): Chun, Ryu

  2. Jeremy (EvilJ): Ryu, Guile

  3. Albert (Pigadoken): Ken, Guile

  4. Tony (TonyX): Guile

  5. Darryl (MuffinMan)

  6. Leo (LGS)

  7. Andy (Paro-Da)

  8. Ronnie (R | C)

  9. Adam (Bebop3000)

  10. Scott (scottind)

  11. Cesar (GeeseHoward)

  12. Raymond (Sousuke.Kai)

  13. JC (PBB)

  14. Matt (Sir Phobos)

  15. Ivan (Kryojenix)

  16. Nam (StriderHiryu)

Good games to everyone, and thanks for playing! Quite a few close and exciting matches! LOL at all the people who signed up due to my peer pressure. haha. Also, thanks a lot to the people who helped run the tournament while I was competing in the other games. I hope you guys all had fun.

Good shit Ronnie

how do you tiger knee again?

Good shit Jeremy

my handle is mtsac kid on here
fuson909 on irc
good games to all
not bad for not playing this game in like 2 years
hopefully ST will be held as well
HF for a buck sounds like a good deal

Christian gettin that 21 dollars.

HF is stupid. good shit ronnie making me enter. lol i usually just played whatever character was on the screen. from the last game.

aint nothin funny bout makin that gas money
i have saturdays off now
how often do these cal poly tournies happen??