Cal Poly Pomona SF4 Results 3/6

1st. Mike Ross (Honda, Zangief)
2nd. Keno (Balrog, Bison)
3rd. Gootecks (Balrog)
4th. Oliver (El Fuerte)

Good shit to everyone, thanks to Yem and company for hosting. Had mad fun, especially at Banana Bay and Vid after. Luka spit too much knowledge for everyone.

Preview of Final Round??? :woot:





this was a really fun tourney! big thanks to the cal poly guys for setting this up and it was nice meeting some of you!

black people are taking over my beloved street fighter. gj guys sry i didnt come james my bad :frowning:

Thanks to everyone who attended and made this event awesome. For all the guys who didnt make it, im sure I will see ya at AI 2.1. Mike Ross representing Video94. Team Black Money FTW!

& Getting into top 8! woo ~ <3 Gotta love that purple shit

So cal el fuerte army

so cal dhalsim army!

gs mike

the young dike

mike ross is the fucking best

this tournament had a surprisingly large turnout good shit to everyone.

fuckin rickstah ur avatar still kills the shit outta me haahahah. and fuckin that LATE NIGHT LUKA CONVERSATION WITH GOOTECKS Ooooooooomg. Pimpology 101 gosh damn.

Don’t play witcha food mike!

Don’t play, wit, cha, fucking food

potter, ya still think sf5 would be better? lol

mike ross! the first man to ever win a tournament with zangief/honda. I heard he used random select, true? LEAVE EM ALONE.


game is ass.