Cal Poly Pomona Results for MVC2 [[drama]]

1st Clockwork
2nd Combofiend
3rd Wes
4th Ruin

I showed up late, but RUMOR has it dark prince got into an actual fist fight with a marvel player by the name ANDY.

Actually its not a rumor, its fact. Because I wasn’t actually there I heard DarkPrince got up in andy’s face after losing to clockw0rk because andy took his shirt off and got all crazy cheering for clock. DP then proposed to battle andy in which andy said “only if i have too” After a few punches thrown from DP, andy refused to tap out and just acted unconscious until Kevin dragged him by his feet out of the arcade. Rumor has it Andy is currently in the hospital right now receiving medical attention.

More updates to come

P.S. Results for me Vs Ruin ft 5 for 50

2-1 1/2

Ruin was up, i was winning the last game until ruin whistled to the Tech crew to cut the power to the arcade…

Marvel is serious

Good shit to Clock and the rest of the top players. Wish I could’ve been there, sounded like a good tournament.

good shit clock

congrats to reset for his stellar performance

lol @ fighting over marvel/words about marvel



good shit clock and combo

wes, you obv need to practice more

good shit comboooooooooooo! didnt know you were still playing this shit. lol

Very good shit Clock and Combo. OG’s still mopping it up in Marvel! Did Potter show?


woo go clock!

Clock is definitely one of my favorite players.

It takes mad skill taking Strider to that level and doing well with a team like that.

Team Duc has Cable and Sent but with Sent Doom as your other two players when playing team cl0ck you got to think a lot more.

Good shit today, fun games.

And yes DP did throw down. marvel is beyond serious

big ups to clock! still want a money match.

lol at mike ross’ version of the fight.
i dont even believe he was present yet

vids will be up shortly.
hopefully you can hear what ANDY was yelling out


Edit: something has to happen when im not at a tourney :sad:

Can’t wait for the link!

Good shit clock, Hopefully next time my car doesnt break down on the way to the tourny and we can go witness the marvel madness for ourselves. But its all good. Cant wait for the vids.

mike showed up afterall… missed out today, overslept

yea dp threw it down but fuck it right?? it still was tight but i didnt play…didnt feel like it…but yea still! gg to everyone!


of the fight

wow marvel is way to serious…

p.s. waiting for the links