Cables to connect my Buttons to the PCB?

I need to replace the cables that connect my sticks buttons to the PCB board (madcatz te), know where I can get them/how to make them(UK)? thanks a lot

Maybe I could cut the cable to get past the brake and put the connector back on? (any idea how?)

Do you know how to even splice wire?

You might want to google this as this is some basic stuff.

spice ???

^ splice.

Yeah I had a typo and forgot the L.
Just look up all the various ways to splice wire.

If you are really a novice at this sort of thing, you can get some butt connectors and some wire crimpers.
Sometimes a cheap pair of wire strippers/crimpers come with a assortment of crimp commentators including a butt connector

There also the 3M Scotchlok, all you need is a pair of pliers or a vice.

If you want to get fancy, there soldering the wire and covering with heat shrink
Protip: put on the heat shrink tube on the wiring first, then solder. Then place the heat shrink tube over your solder joint and heat the tube till it makes a nice seal.

I don’t recommend wire nuts, as there be to much movement in your stick and the wire nut can fall off.

If I want to use some female crimps on a new wire what size crimps do I need? 6.3 4.8???

That goes to the switches on Japanese style buttons for your TE?
Quick Disconnects Female *** .110*** Terminal connector, you want them

Most arcade part venders has these for 10₵ each (price in US currency)

If you can buy more than what you think you need, encase you mess up one