Cable unblockable, whats the deal

several top players (viscant, ruin) have confirmed to me that they have seen liquid metal do this when he came to the usa, i was told that cables 4th gun shot is unblockable (ala sent). i have tested this extensively and cant seem to replicate his unblockable gunshot, anyone care to shed light on this?

no fucken scrub answers please. dont tell me shit about j.hp guard breaks or anything this is not about that thanks

when you mean ala sent do you mean the 4th gunshot is only unblockable when the opponent lands on the bullet while they are coming down from a jump?

i don’t see much practicality in this especially when it’s the 4th gunshot not the first … but should the unblockable hit you can psimitar XX AHVB but it’s still hard to use properly

only when close in i assume, about the scimitar.

its not hard to use, apparently liquid metal was timing it so people would land on 4th hit then he would psimitar xx ahvb

the point is i cant get it to work
i can get them to land on 4th hit but its not unblockable
so dunno whats up

is there any recent liquid metal vids that might show what ur talking about better? cuz i’ve seen ppl not block cable’s gun when they come out, at chinatown fair uppin newyork, wher i live… but i didn’t know it was unblockable. i just figured that they were dumb

if there’s a vid, then i might understand this better…and i’ll see if i can get some1 in CF to explain.

sigh*…just when we thought cable was already overpowered with AHVB…he has an unblockable…

I heard it was the 3rd shot and you have to get hit only by that particular bullet(like in the scenario you described)

oh shit 3rd shot?? ill give that a try

Djb-13 had mentioned it.


Good game out peace. If you think “it’s too much trouble to get right”, you don’t know SF players very well.

they land on fourth bullet, it’s unblockable. ph!lop!a told me this, and i tried it for about 3 hours… superjump all guard on… landed on it, didn’t block it. the bullet has to be just passed them when they land on it. it’s really hard to get off… i don’t see much use in it, unless u can time it when some1 drops in… but seriously… it will prolly be eased out like sents.

here’s a shit diagram i made… the yellow dot indicates where the bullet was when it was unblockable for me.

yeah buddy that shit work, maybe its your timing.i should know because i use cable ever since the game came out.

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aight, so 3rd bullet or 4th?

just to make things clearer for everyone :slight_smile:

4th bullet

One thing I’ve wondered, why even worry about it if Cable has an unblockable, anyone with an air dash could easily avoid it…right? and since it’s on the third/Four shot, wouldn’t it be much easier to see coming then Sentinel’s unblockable? And besides, Cable’s Guard break is nearly unescapable from what I’ve personally seen (I’ve only seen a few Magneto users escape it.) But anyway, don’t bash me if I sound stupid. Lol.

Does it work with the opponent getting up? If it does, then it can be really useful. To me, that’s the best time to use Sentinel unblockable as well