Cable stick art request

I know there’s a thread for stick art requests, but I didn’t have any luck there in previous attempts, so please refrain from needless flaming.

The size for the art needs to be 29.3cm x 20.4 cm.

I’d like this to be the picture used for the theme. I basically just want this picture and to the right of it under where the buttons would be, put “Don’t Get Shot” in some kind of cool ass comic book style font, preferrably in a yellow or blue to go along with cable’s colors, but i enjoy the creativity of people here so if you do your own thing with it, that’s cool too. The stick box is going to be blue, and the buttons/joystick yellow if that helps any for the overall look of the finished masterpiece.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out a fellow crack addict.

More like don’t get guard broken our you’ll eat AHVB all day… lol j/k.

I’m honestly not familiar with doing stick art but I decided to take a stab at this.
The idea of the background is to kind of emphasize Cable as time traveler. Everything else I just followed according to your post. If you are not happy with something, just let me know, I’ll be happy to change it.

That art is tight. Is there any chance of possibly changing the font of the words though? I appreciate the futuristic look of the font, but it looks kind of out of place, i’m not really sure how to explain it better than that. Also, and this really isn’t important but I thought of it this morning, is there any way to make the o in shot like a crosshair?

If you can’t make any changes, I’m still happy with it. It’s quite good and I’ll definately sport it.

Yeah, that’s cool. I can mess around with fonts to see what looks best with it. If you find yourself with time, you can browse this site and pick out something you like and post the link back here.

The cross hairs is a really good idea. That should look cool. I’ll mess around with it and I’ll post something back on here tomorrow.

I got motivated.


Pro. You sir are my effing hero. Whenever I get all the parts together, prolly a month or so, I’ll post a pic of the cable stick in all it’s splendor.

Thank you so much for hooking it up!

No problem. This was a real enjoyable project and I look forward to seeing the finished product!