Cable`s b&b combos

Im a newbie and i want to know some good Cable b&b combos.

  1. cr. lk, cr. lk, st. hk xxx sjc.AHVB- Cable’s most basic yet dangerous bnb. To AHVB, you input :qcf::uf:+ PP. after you hit him, input that. Afterwards, you can hit him for big damage.

  2. cr. lk, cr. lk, st. hp (5 times), VB xxx HVB- Do not do this on Cable. You’ll find out. In fact, never do this because you can do number 1 for alot more damage anyway.

  3. cr. hk, otg, cr. hp, sjc, AHVB- Same as number 1 except more execution is needed.

  4. cr. lk, cr. lk, st. hk xxx lp scrimitar xxx AHVB- Same as number one, except easier.

  5. cr. lk, cr. lk, st. hp (2 hits) xxx Timeflip (wait), TK grenade, AHVB- I’m not sure if this works, but I saw it on a video. Don’t try it.

Cable is more zoning than combos, but he has some good ones.

launch jab grenade jab land jump jab fierce AHVB
jump roundhouse land dash crouching short crouching forward standing fierce x4 jab psimitar AHVB
(with doom) crouching short crouching forward sanding roundhouse (call doom rocks) qcf short, tigerknee AHVB

Played cable for the first time in years the other day… actually landed a st. grenade into tk ahvb after a timeflip(that i only landed thanks to thanos assist). I’d seen it in vids b4 but never tried it. Was awesome but… it was strange normally i’ve seen the nade hit them at about normal jump height… but in this case the nade was at ground level… but still combo’d.

Sooo I guess my question is… do u know if you can combo another timeflip there? This was in the corner… at the right height and sorta wondered if it would have worked. U ever done or seen it?

Would be fluff if it works since ahvb would do twice as much damage while being way easier to land… but it’d damn sure look sweet…

i thought i saw something like electropunch into timeflip OTG

I’m sure I could get the electropunch hitbox to nail em while they are stuck to the grenade but the timeflip is gonna get only 1 hit there. Guess you could get a relaunch after that into wtver… not quite as awesome as hitting multiple full time flips in a combo would be tho.

Ok here is the fluff combo I came up with… rollable so don’t count on getting any miles outta this unless your trolling new players…, call thanos bubble,, xx timeflip… dash in hk (more to create the timing delay for the nade)… tk lk grenade, land, electropunch, OTG timeflip, command grab.

-edit 2-
Ok I just noticed that command grab gives 75% of a bar… wtf…lol to bad it’s so hard to land…

i dont really play thanos but that sounds like a dope combo ill try it

and its not electropunch, i just call it that XD someone will probably correct me

Was also wondering if some FSD stuff along the lines of… in the corner -> launch, some amount of magic series ending in FP, falling lk on the way down, jumping lp xx grenade, land, jumping FP xx ahvb.

Seems sound as it’s based in a single loop of his FSD… which does work but its hard… this should be a lot easier and very flashy. Damage wise I’m sure you’d be better off just combing to ahvb insead of the launch in the first place… but that’s boring…lol

man i forgot about trying that thanos combo, BlazBlue distracted me XD SOON I PROMISE

as for launch, some amount of magic series ending in FP, falling lk on the way down, jumping lp xx grenade, land, jumping FP xx ahvb. youd probably have to throw in some jabs, one after the grenade and one jab before the last FP so itll look like

launch, some amount of magic series ending in FP, falling jab on the way down, jumping jab xx grenade, jab land, jab jumping FP xx ahvb.

which i think is in a sanford combo video somewhere

EDIT: sort of like what he does to silver samurai here

Ah ya that is somewhat along the lines of what I was thinking… I was using lk instead of lp on the way down b/c they seemed low and lk was sorta popping them up there… but ya that answers my question. You can also hit a rejump in that combo instead of ahvb b/c I was donig it and knocking them down into thanos assist to hit a timeflip and it was working. Honestly for such a god like keep away character cable has some sick combos.

Corner variation on 3 x ahvb that builds a bunch of extra meter.

Ya it isn’t easy to corner people with cable… usually it’s the other way around… but if you do…

anything ending in x sjc x ahvb (don’t take em to high), [land, j.lp xx lk.nade(no charge), land,,, j.hp xx ahvb]… just repeat the brackets til they die…

Might be hard to do on extra small characters and the timing is certainly much more strick than just doing 3 x ahvb… that being said you can start this with only 2 meters and end up doing 3 supers with a lil meter to spare.

i cant get the command grab at the end :frowning:

It’s easier on wide hitboxes… tho easier on everyone in the corner…

Midscreen on mid to small characters take a half step fwd before inputing the grab. Since the grab is half circle back… just hold the fwd part for a couple frames before doing the motion. It’s a fluff combo anyways…hehe

cool little combo in the corner

lk lk fpx4 qcf lkxxtime flip (1 hit) dash lk lk fpxxAHVB

you dont even need to dash for the 2 kicks and fierce, its just a bit more stylish