somebody tell me if this would be a good idea…cable/iron man/ war machine/bulletta…i figure once i can do iron mans infinite…i should be able to take out most of my opposition…saving the hyper gauges for these characters and doing a hyper combo all at once can kill a character and if hes blocking unless hes ice man will chip off about half life…usually i just wait for someone to assist and hit them with a level 3 hyper combo…good idea or no?

No offense, but that will only work if you’re playing n00bs.

Their THC isn’t that good (any 3, take your pick), and in the Real World you’ll probably find youself largely without the luxury of “saving up” for it anyway.

I should know, my team probably yields the best THC in the game and even though I used to use it alot I can’t remember the last time I did one in a serious match.

That’s not to say it’s not a good team, merely that you can’t put all your eggs in that particular basket and expect to get very far.

My advice: Work on the infinite. Forget about the triple.

thanks…my team now…is magz/guile/strider and i am a pretty good player…i have never really experemented with different teams except for a magz/cable/capcom team so i was just wondering…it is true though that in the real world i usually cant save up my hyper combos except whenm im playing with magz and thats only because i infinite/reset infinite again.

Strider needs Doom. Strider/Doom == Top tier. Stider != Top tier.

And Joe Zaza used THCs with Wolvie/Sent/Wolvie in competition. Check the first set of videos of him vs. Soo at UCR @

First vid = Greatest comeback…

Yes, you can use them, and if it’s going to kill off both point & assist it may be a good call.

The other side of the coin is the triple potentially not connecting right, or getting stuffed, or getting somebody punished, or leaving you without meter to counter in with, and so on.

The average triple probably does ~40% to a point character. Is that worth 3 bars to you? If it is (sometimes it will be), then go for what you know. :slight_smile:

thanks…i am prolly not going to use that team anytime in the near future…i just used it because i was playing a storm/magz/sent. team and i just picked some random guys and i destroyed his team after hitting him with a triple hyper and then a double hyper…after i had been losing to him…

I’m sorry, but Mag/Strider/Guile sounds like a pretty terrible team.

yep they don’t work well switch guile for doom and we got ourselves a team with lot’s of shit to do

Strider doesnt need doom to be effective, plus doom is top tier too.

Strider is just more deadly with doom. He can hold his own by himself.

Strider alone isn’t top tier. Clock, you ever played Strider alone when you were in a serious tournament match?

Anyone can be good in the right hands, obviously, but I’m not going to go around calling Commando top tier at point because Genghis is good with him.

Strider is fine by himself. I never said that just because clock can win with Strider/Doom that Strider is top tier. No, strider needs more respect then that. Strider can hold his own against anyone except run away storm etc. He is just more effective with doom with the trap, however strider by himself is fine because of orbs and teleport. Nothing to it.

You just answered your own question.

Irrelevant. you ever play anyone alone in a serious tournament match? If you’re down to your last character against an entire team, no matter who you are, you’re fucked as long as your opponent knows what he’s doing. Strider doesn’t need doom to be effective. He can work well with lots of assists. Doom just happens to be his most effective one.

Unless that anyone is a Cable with 5 meters. . . . .I hate fuccin AHVB’s

Even with 5 bars and Cable you can still kill him… its not impossible…

Some quick opinions.

It sounds like your mags is solid, you could go two places from there.

Since you’re obviously interested in Cable, you could go Jesus (Mag/Cable/Doom).

Or, you could go combofiend (Mag/IM/Sent)

No, as for strider. He IS viable on his own, but he’s forced to try and hit people instead of chip them, which puts more pressure on him. Plus, without Doom, he doesn’t bring the fear of his ‘trap’ with him, so he’s more likely to get attacked or have people come at him aggressively. It just isn’t a good match up for him.


striders best assists imo

3sentinel drones
4blackheart AA

i think commando is striders best aa because it covers alot of things strider lacks. 1 being first an AA. 2 an assist punisher 3 covers the very top of the screen (a place anyone can hide from strider). 4 provides power strider lacks to basic combos 5 strider is not really a big combo character, so one solid hit is better for him all around. however, commando is a blah character at best. anyone who knows his weakness can stay away and fuck him up. cyclops is actually good at kicking ass when striders not in the fight so the whole team isnt dependant on strider. thats why strider/doom/cyc > strider/doom/com. since doom is mid tier vs the big 4 you need someone else to do some fighting as well. blackheart is a great assist for strider too, strider/doom/blackheart owns almost any cable combination cleanly, and helps alot vs turtle storm . in fact, this team is excellent vs turtles. but once strider dies…ugh no AA for doom or blacky, they could pretty much die for free. anyone with mild rushdown skills need only kill strider for victory.

anyway back to the point, strider with any of those assists i listed could threaten any of the top characters in the game. strider/sent/commando is an excellent team and can give msp major fits.

now back to the original topic! i say this, take your magneto and make a magneto based team. take your strider and make a strider based team and work with those two teams. imo magneto and strider together arent that great together

Devil X is a beast.

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