C3's Dec Sat 26th VA "MOMENT OF TRUTH" tourney

C3 Cyber Club
44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147


Dec 26, 2009 Saturday, our time slot is 12-7…so pre-reg is noon and we start at 1pm…we have 6 hours to wrap up the tourney so please be on time folks!

More info:

Registration opens @ 12:00 noon & tournament begins @ 1:00 pm

$10 Venue Fee

Hang out with the community before 2010 hits…



Ok guys here is the last event @ C3 for the year, and in grand fashion we will be having an Epic Main Event!

It will be MD vs NOVA 5v5 in SF4! If everyone cannot make it out we will just have the 5v5 event during our major in April in SF4!

Same goes for T6!

I will def be asking Seb to come to the C3 major in April where Anakin and the rest of the South will be present!

I will keep this info updated till April so you guys know where and what is the deal okay!


Games being played:

STREET FIGHTER 4 (xbox) $5 per player

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 (xbox) $5 per player

TEKKEN 6 (ps3) $5 per player

3s (ps2) $5 per player


-Double Elimination (Winners/Losers bracket)
-Each match is 2/3 in MVC2/SF4/3S/T6
-Every character allowed in SF4
-No game breaking glitches in MVC2

K everyone this is the reschedule for December!

Hope you guys make it out this Sat (26th)

Alright very funny Eric V.

Wheres 3s and CVS2?

Eitherway cant wait. Gonna learn sooo much from NEC when I get there.


wtf is sunday?

In the train of running a train on DevilJiM’s first post.

And I’m in there, as always. I want revenge on Steeeeve, I’m so hungry.

who wants to team up for sf4 teams at NEC?

  1. If you have no plan in winning I will gladly do it. Real talk.

  2. How much does teams costs? My dad might not want to pay for alot.

Eric V… please make Marvel on DC…


Yo, if its on dc. you better not lose. lol

Alright V its been long enough.

Its almost not funny…

Where is the price for the 3s/CVS2 tournament? :tup:

i remember this quote from last c3…

“don’t show pete the dreamcast!”

:rolleyes:True, LoL…

If it’s on Dreamcast, no one, and I mean NO ONE, has a chance.

BET IT. :cybot:

Can’t wait. And I’ll bring Guilty in the rare chance that people might want to play :smiley:

Football is on Sunday.

LOL sunday

Maybe next time…

David is fucking up.

i cant support a sunday tourney at night…

but ill prolly be there


“cuz if he sees that shit…looks away

Yeah, Sunday night tournament + job + 1 1/2 drive from Baltimore = :sad:

Really wanted to play…

Not only should you push for only Saturdays, it would be hugely better if they started earlier, too. Just sayin’…