C.Viper Matchup

So i looked at the match up thread but there was nothing about the the matchup with c.viper… i playe about 40 - 50 matches with a friend who plays viper. im just looking for some help on this match up… i feel like its so hard help me plz haha

cr. mk goes under burn kicks. crack kick goes over seismos. Viper’s love to do blocked ex seismo > SJ burn kick. Look to focus the burn kick after the ex seismo. Viper players also love to mash. Look out for that. Don’t press buttons on wakeup when she’s jumping at you.

you looked up the matchup thread, yet don’t write in it? may I ask WHY?
on topic: you need to realize which way you have to block. it’s not THAT hard once you get it. and rather don’t try to tech throws if the jumps ins with any attack, because she can cancel it into a burning kick.

Just to add. B+MP tends to stuff burn kicks, even ambiguous cross ups if the spacing is right. So if you have the reactions, it works.

Watch you rocks and fake rocks.

FAing burn kicks is really helpful, most of vipers bs shenanigans come from burn kicks. Make sure you take advantage of every punish you get because Viper is a handful when played well. Viper isn’t particularly strong with her wake up game so make sure you play mind games with her and look for as much easy damage from okizeme as you can.

Viper is brutal, she gets to do what she wants when she wants and force mixups and pressure onto characters. Most viper players will use this to try and force you to do something stupid since you can’t really force the issue with her unless its on wakeup, stay patient and just try to learn tendencies and when you feel like you know whats up try to punish her.

Other then that viper is just brutal its not a fun match up to deal with as cody.

Use U1 and nj. FP :).

On her wake up OS EX Bingo and meaty c.LP -> c.LP +c.HP beat everything she has, except U1.

All her normals are really slow as well, don’t hold back on your frame traps. She’s always taking a huge risk when crouch teching or deciding not to tech, because you can easily safe jump her and os all her options.
Always end combos eith lk ruffian for the same jump and maintening pressure.
Meaty cr.lp, os cr.hp beats everything she does on the groung.

thanks guys i will definitely look forward to implementing all the things here into my game in order to be able to body C.Viperlol or at least try

How do you OS the LP and HP?

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press meaty cr. lp and then cr. lp + cr. hp. If she blocks, you get a chained cr. lp. If she reversals or does anything to make the first cr. lp whiff, you’ll get cr. hp.