C. Viper Combos, Not as hard as you think

So i’m sure most of you in the thread have much higher execution and technical skills than I do when it comes to playing Viper. For the longest time I was disappointed that I couldn’t play her effectively since I couldn’t figure out her IAD or her Kick cancel combos.

Recently though I started playing around with her and managed to come up with some decent damage combos that aren’t that hard to pull off execution wise. I figured I’d share them for anyone like me who really likes viper (she is probably my favorite character in this game) but felt like it wasn’t worth playing her because of her high execution barrier.

Let me know what you think and feel free to ask questions. I’m by no means a viper expert but I’m sure someone will be able to help you out.


[LEFT]One thing I forgot to mention in the video is the fact that for all of the combos you have to cancel the medium thunder punch with the special button. That is one of the harder things to do if you aren’t used to it.

First Combo: L M H xx QCF M (Thunder Punch) Cancel after hit with S L M H S Super Jump Cancel M M H S (can be delayed a bit for more time to Seismo) Land Dragon Punch L (Siesmo) xx Jump M M H Jump Cancel M M H xx QCB S (Ex Burning Kick) Land S Super Jump H Jump Cancel H S Land Dragon Punch L (Seismo) QCB Hyper

Second Combo: L M H xx QCF M (Thunder Punch) Cancel after hit with S L M H S Super Jump M M H Delay S Land Dash Dragon Punch S (EX Seismo) L M H S Super Jump cancel M M H Jump Cancel M M H S Land Dragon Punch L (Seismo) QCB Hyper

Third Combo: L M H QCF M (Thunder PuncH) Cancel on hit with S L M H QCF M (Thunder Punch) xx QCF S (Ex Thunder Punch) L M H S Super Jump Cancel M M H Jump Cancel M M H S Land Dragon Punch L (Seismo) Jump M M H xx QCB S (Ex Burning Kick) Land S Super Jump Cancel H Jump Cancel H S Land Dragon Punch L (Seismo) QCB Hyper[/LEFT]

You should change the title to “C.Viper combos, not as hard as you think”

These combos aren’t optimal and besides, combos are the easiest thing to learn about C.Viper… Her neutral game is a bitch to learn

Yeah, they aren’t quite optimal but they aren’t too bad. They are my way of getting around her IAD. But yeah, you do have a point, combos aren’t that hard. Took me for ever to get comfortable approaching with her.

I REALLY recommend you just practice. You should be box dashing with Dante anyway.

I do the box dash with dante just fine, its just that i can’t get the damn timing down to connect everything with viper off of the seismo. Its weird. I know its pretty easy but for whatever damn reason I can’t figure it out.
Shes a secondary character of mine too, i just really like her, so I’m decently happy with how well I can use her. Though if I did manage to get really good with her, i would probably change my team to Viper Zero Dante…or Viper Zero Doom…or some variation thereof.
But…for the time being I have put marvel on the back burner. I’m on that Skull Girls hype :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding C. Viper’s air dashing, I have to ask… does the problem you’re having have anything to do with trying to super jump after the seismo? I only ask because I spoke to someone about Viper who was having trouble doing the SJC out of seismo to continue the combo.

It’s typically overlooked (or really, just plain not mentioned) that you don’t actually HAVE to super jump cancel out of a seismo to continue a combo with Viper. Regular jumps work just fine, although the timing is a bit tighter.

There’s more you can do with it if you learn to SJC, but it’s not absolutely necessary to start out doing it that way if your execution isn’t up to snuff.

On a semi-related note, I’m trying to play Viper and no matter how much I practice, I cannot get boxdashing down. AKA I can’t actually do real combos with her because mine all take more meter for EX BK + do less damage. I play on the 360 dpad and no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to work. Of course even if I did I’d be pretty clueless on what to do after that to make real combos. So basically, any tips to either do this that I might be missing, or combos that don’t require it but still do real damage/don’t eat insane amounts of meter?

What’s your team? Depending on the assists you can kill off of one touch without much execution.

I don’t even really have a team for Viper, I’m just trying to learn her as a character at the moment…and it’s not going well. :frowning:

so ask some more questions and maybe we can help

Playing Viper on 360 pad unless you’re a batshit madman godlike pad player is, first of all, impossible.

On a more serious note, I initially learned her on pad, and I still wouldn’t go back and do it twice. I only even bother now so that I can play all of my characters both on pad and stick.

Easiest way to start getting Viper combos down on pad that I figured out was to practice combo “fragments” instead of actual combos.

So for example if your combo was L Seismo -> SJC AD-F -> j.MS -> s. MHS, then practice the Seismo -> SJC AD-F -> j.M part first, then set the dummy to jump and practice SJC AD-F -> j. MS, s. MHS part. Once comfortable with both, then work on doing them together from there. Also, don’t be afraid to run through her mission mode 30 or 40 times. It also helps a bit to set RT to a dual attack button to dash with.

Now, when it comes time to learn rapid seismos… good luck. I can chain about 6 or 7 together on pad and I still can’t explain to you the “how” behind it. Granted, that’s about half of what I can pull off on stick on a good day, but if you can do it at all consider it a good thing.

I will say though, when I first started learning to rapid seismo on pad, I would only do 2 rapid seismos, reset, do another 2, reset, and so on and so forth. It was much easier and more consistent for me to pull them off that way.

I can do rapid seismos with some success (7-8 at a time before I drop them), my biggest problem is really just super jump canceling after the seismo which I can’t figure out. Can you do forward, down, downforward, down, up? Or do you have to return the control style (I use the 360 d-pad) to a neutral position? I’ve been trying it with returning it to a neutral position but my fingers can’t move fast enough to get that down, so would the other way work? I’m not exactly out to be a Viper expert, but I like her as a character and I think she’s a lot of fun to play so I’d at least like to get some BNBs down with her if nothing else. The problem is that it seems that you need the super jump cancel after the seismo to continue combos (especially after throws) and I cannot seem to figure that out for the life of me.

I’m not really sure if any of my characters have “Viper friendly” assists, either. My main team right now, the team I’ve run since day 1 Vanilla, is Tron/Trish/Chun…But I know Wright and Hsien-Ko pretty well as well, plus I’m working on picking up Chris and/or Akuma. I don’t really know if any of them have good assists for her or not, what exactly constitutes a good assist to help her out?

Thanks in advance.

Ah, in that case, like I mentioned in my other post, super jump canceling to continue combos actually is -NOT- necessary. That’s just typically what people do. I’m not sure why nobody ever mentions that… It is entirely possible to simply use a regular jump after a seismo, dash, and then continue the combo.

As far as what a “good” assist it, you be best finding something to cover horizontal space, something to relaunch with, something to control vertical space, and something to lockdown, in that order. Seems somewhat impossible to find, but it’s not. Take my team for example (in my sig). Strider handles all 4 of those to some degree. Doom’s missiles also handle this (granted I imagine you might have to get creative to re-launch with them). If at all possible, you’d want to find at least 1 assist that can take care of at least 2 of those or find 2 assists that can take care of all 4. Look in the teambuilding thread for answers regarding that matter.

Ah, see I wasn’t 100% on if you had to SJC. Ill have to practice that. What exactly should I be doing? Like is it seismo xx sjc xx forward dash HS land MHS? Maybe my timing is off but the times I do manage the dash I usually miss with that.

My team kinda fluctuates. Ideally id like it to be Viper Zero Dante. But I can also play Doom and Wesker (well really…who can’t).

If I play her tho its usually Viper Dante Doom, or Doom Dante as my anchor dante does more work against the people I play most frequently.

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When I was doing regular jumps I always found it easier to Seismo -> Jump -> Dash -> MS instead of HS.

You have the right notation that is typically used for SJCing (though, you could still use MS if you wanted). Now, the intangible there is… timing. You can’t actually IAD (instant air dash) or that S is gonna whiff typically. There actually need to be a slight delay in there, regardless of whether you delay the SJC or delay the hit after the dash.

So if you SJC,dash, and attack too quickly, the S will tend to whiff. At the same time, if you SJC, dash, and attack too late, they’ll drop out entirely.

You’ve really just got to get your own feel for it.

With that said, you might want to practice doing both methods. In the rare occasion where you attempt to SJC and a regular jump comes out, if you know how to do it both ways (or rather, time it both ways), you have a chance to continue the combo if you recognize the error quickly enough.

I feel like when it comes to SJC cancelling treat it like a Ryu FADC into Ultra, IE let go of the stick when you input the Seismo and input down/up and press two buttons. It’s fairly easy when you practice it.

Thanks for all the help guys. Been on that skullgirls hype so I haven’t touched Marvel in a week. I’ll boot it up tomorrow and put some work in with viper, see if i can’t get the box dash combos down. Also need to work on my rapid seismos

Plasma Beam and Vajra or Missiles and Vajra (havent decided, leaning towards plasma but am flexible). I really want to make a Viper work, and dont have the best execution… so this post intrigued the shit out of me. What do you recommend? :slight_smile: I can do the basic ground sequence to seizmo sjc HS, land MHS sj MMH dj MMHS, but have no idea how to either extend w/ assists, or improve upon that pre-extension.

Do take into consideration that Strider is essentially a single, tracking Doom missile who just happens to be punishable (though… as long as Doom spends on screen throwing out missiles, he’s not exactly safe either). I used beam when I ran Viper/Doom/Strider as that gave me a hard horizontal assist with Viper, which is the area she most needs help in imo. Although with that said… Strider is essentially an “anywhere” assist. He can actually be used to replace what Beam and Missiles both do to an extent.

Now, the unblockable is easier to setup with Missiles due to the fact that they hold the enemy in place longer. With that said, Strider works just fine for incoming unblockable setups (which is mostly the only time you’d use her unblockable) as well.

All things considered I’d go with the beam. And if you’re the guy from the other thread (somebody else [or you] mentioned wanting to use this team) you’d do well to youtube MarlinPie.

Regarding assists in general, I might be a weirdo, but I actually see hitboxes in my head for what part of the screen I consider an assist as covering. Whenever you’re trying to decide what assist to use for a character, take into consideration their method of attack, and where they are most defenseless. Furthermore, take into account more than just your 1 specific team order (Example being, if somebody snaps in Strider, Beam is a better assist than Missiles are for the sake of helping him).

Viper’s options for converting off of an air hit, while not bad, are also not good (unless perhaps you’re 100% consistent with staircasing, and I don’t know of anyone who is). Even if you manage to be fairly consistent with getting things done in the air, she’s obviously much stronger on the ground, so you’d be better off trying to keep your opponent there. Strider literally has a giant blue hitbox in my head for where I consider him to be the solution to that problem. At the same time, Viper is somewhat susceptible to being zoned out by mass projectiles on the ground (if they can hit you from a range where you can’t seismo them or they can spam faster than you can seismo, this happens). Taskmaster more or less has a hitbox covering that zone for me. I say more or less because I don’t typically like using the horizontal assist, as relying on Strider for relaunches is a pain in the ass in my book.

For beam: Replace the air series with just sj.h, dj.mhs, and there your followup depends on vipers screen position.

Corner: call doom, delay, l seismo xx tk’ed grounded h bk (or tk’ed sj. l bk, both works fine, just go with what you are more comfortable with), s, sj.h, dj.hs, l seismo xx burst time.

Midscreen: wavedash twice and call doom during first wavedash, l seismo xx fadc, relaunch, same ender as above.

For missiles: just call doom during the s after the boxdash, sj.h, dj.mhs, missiles otg. During the missiles hit you can add seismo xx bk or basically what you want. Really, it’s damn easy.

Just go with the assist you like more. Both beam and missiles are great for viper, so it’s just a question of personal preference.