C. Viper+Ammy/Vergil help

Not sure if this is appropriate to ask, but I’ll ask anyway. I play Viper(Burning Kick)/Vergil(Rapid Slash)/Ammy(Cold Star), but my time lurking around these forums + online have shown me no one plays Viper with any of the other 2 characters i listed. With the exception of MarlinPie playing Viper/Ammy and Drew Grimey playing Viper/Vergil. I want to know how to extend Viper’s combos with these assists like Drew, or Marlin Pie. Can someone explain to me how to set up these extensions? I’ve watched videos of both of these players and try to do what they do, but i think i might my execution might be off and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

What are you trying to do?<div><br></div><div>As far as Vergil, he has a combo extender and finisher</div><div><br></div><div>Extender for relaunch: (in or near corner) Call rapid slash, L seismo, sj box dash, L. burn kick, land, S, j.h, j.h, j.S</div><div><br></div><div>Finisher (real easy) call rapid slash, L. seismo, regular jump, j.s, j.H. burn kick, Burst Time</div>

Oh ok I thought the combo extender was L. seismo THEN call assist! The other problem when I try this calling the assist first is whenever the other guy pops out of he L. seismo before the rapid slash gets a chance to hit. Is that because I’m not hitting the L. burn kick in time, or is there a certain timing? Also thanks for the notations!

This is actually a team that I thought up a while ago based sort of on Drew’s team (and that I technically still flirt around with). Thing is, I don’t like the Vergil/Strider shell so I decided to go Vergil/Ammy and tamper around with chip setups. Though, I ultimately decided on going with Viper/Dante/Strider and now am sort of freestyling it and not using either of em. The ONLY reason I decided against that particular team it is that I don’t want to have to learn anchor Ammy all over again since I havn’t really played her since she was raped after Vanilla. Also I’m far and away more comfortable with anchor Dante (he was literally my first anchor in Vanilla).

But in case you havn’t already picked up on it, the first thing you’ll want to practice with that team is chip setups w/ roundtrip glitch. It’s the root of all mind games with that team if Viper dies. Purely evil stuff. Anywho, you’re not alone out there. The only reason you don’t see this team more often is that most people don’t want to play Ammy, and those of us who can play Ammy aren’t wanting to play her for one reason or another. Every time I start dropping clay pigeon loops in long sets when I’m dicking around with friends, I tend to wind up playing this team anyway. It’s one incredibly solid team with huge potential. Reasonably execution heavy when played properly, but it’s solid. A solid team that still has legit gimmicks available to it is one to stick with, and this team is one of em.

That’s a shame cause Ammy is really slept on. This team does really well, but I have come across some problems and it probably has to do with my play style and execution. I’ve tried to do Drew’s combo extension, but have only done it 3 times and I don’t know if it has to do with hit stun, or not. I’ve recently found success with Ammy’s cold star assist that works in the corner, or from full screen that does at most 850k damage. I’m trying to work the two assists into Vipers combos and have hit a wall.

Since you have some experience with this team, can you explain how you play the team?

I dont feel like this team is good because theres no neutral assist. Both rapid slash and cold star are only good for incoming mixups, or cold star lockdown in the corner.If you can get the first hit you should be golden but youll have to work for it much harder than you would if you had jam session/vajra/beam assist.

I think the MarlinPie relaunch with cold star was something like call ammy, L seismo, jump S, light burn kick feint, air dash down, s

I tried that team for a bit, but found Nova/Vergil/Ammy is much better.