C Sagit vs C Chunli

Im having a hard time in this matchup, Im usually playing C sagit.
I have a hard time getting on a good chunli, I know i should learn to upercut her sj.lk when she crosses up but its pretty hard. W should I do in this matchup.

hcb+p if she crosses you up.

Keep her away from you and get her to jump so you can anti air. Once she gets in, runaway, and make the opponent nuts with trying to get in on you while you’re keeping her away.

i dunno the chun i play doesnt jump unless he can cross up, he does lk really early so when i try to upercut i get trade at best -_-
im talking high level play chun though i have problems against ortiz/bucktooths chun to. really hard to pressure on wakeup when they can rc legs.

If they try to wake-up with RC legs (idk why they’d do this?) throw them. Keep Chun back with s.lk, NEVER jump especially if they have meter, because they can c.mp super you 100% all the time under all of your jump attacks, and you can’t dp it for some reason if you empty jump either. punch her with c.fp when she gets close. s.lk is very good in this match.

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**If they try to wake-up with RC legs (idk why they’d do this?) throw them. Keep Chun back with s.lk, NEVER jump especially if they have meter, because they can c.mp super you 100% all the time under all of your jump attacks, and you can’t dp it for some reason if you empty jump either. punch her with c.fp when she gets close. s.lk is very good in this match. **[/QUOTE

  1. its really hard to throw rc legs.
  2. i already know not to jump
  3. im playing high level chunlis here you CANNOT mash on lk.
  4. i know how and when to use cr.hp but if it misses i eat mk strong super.
  5. if youve every played against a good chunli ricky/choi/edma/oliver whenever they jump with lk its weird how they use it even if u try to crouch it till last second and upercut it still doesnt work every time. i trade whenever i can.
  6. also chun has a really quick roll so tiger shots isnt really going 2 win it.

I didn’t say mash on s.lk. I said USE it. It’s your safest ground normal and is pretty hard to punish with s.mp super unless you’re being really predictible. Never try to crouch chuns crossup with sagat, sagat is really big, and chuns crossup is really good. I guess the only thing you can do is learn to dp crossups better. And when you do get that do do the little dash forward, walk, roll on wakeup thing then land c.shorts into super.

Oliver plays Chunli now? I heard that since I moved away from norcal that guy has gotten loads better, when I go back up there I am really looking forward to playing people again.

Anyway s lk is good but againt really high level chuns you have to be careful with it and use it sparingly sort of because they will be able to see the stand mp hit and do the super, and her stand mp will counterhit you if they get in their range and are smart.

One thing, Sagat’s uppercut does have invincibility and jumping LK does not, so you should beat it every time or at least trade, if it is getting beaten clean that means it is not coming out. Trying to uppercut cross ups every time is tricky, since hcb+p will not always work against good chun’s ambiguous crossups. If she doesnt cross over you at just the right time, you will not get your input. Know the range and if she jumps in front of you you can always uppercut, if she crosses up you have to be able to tell if this is something you can do based on her distance and if you are not sure just fuckin roll away from it and reset the momentum. If you have a level 2 then you can also do a backwards super as well as a backwards uppercut, just do an qcf, hcb like an SNK motion right as she goes over you and you will get your super the other way, a level 2 cancel like that will make her grounded a little more.

I do not recommend fireballs a lot, but throw a few and then do some fakes and you will catch even the best chun’s rolling at you and giving you free low fwd xx lv2 cancel.

You can throw wake up rc’s that do not leave the ground every time, just takes some timing, however that is risky since what if she just gets up pressing jab? You will be hit and lose tons of life to her instant win combo. Try to throw it now and then to keep her honest but don’t do this risky kind of thing often against good people. If you last second jump straight up as she rises, I find that to be a better counter since it is a lot less risky. At this range her low RH antiair will not work on you as well and if she did do rc legs, you can press RH early on the way down and actually punish them IIRC. Eventually you will get them to stop doing the legs by doing this. If it is really a problem then you can also alpha counter it and get another knockdown. Also if you cross chunli up at just the right distance as she rises, the legs will come out the wrong way and you can take a free combo. Lots of counters to this.

RC sbk, imo you should always alpha counter that, no reason to let her take all that chip off of you and pressure you. If you predict it hella you can do a last minute airblock as it comes toward you and you get a free uppercut but you will have a hard time predicting SVGL people so yeah only when you are sure. Dont wanna randomly jump back and let her chase you into the corner for free.

Err thats pretty much it that I can remember, I remember that against chun my strategy is to use the s LK, s MK, and s FP wisely, do not let these moves whiff, especially the MK. If you know the range of your MK keep her at the tip of that and be very careful not to let her fake you into missing it. Eventually she will jump and do a cross up attempt, or roll at you. Do not use c FP much, it is too easy for her to punish that if she makes you whiff it, thats like the first thing chunlis are looking for in this fight since they get their win combo. Even the best chun’s will get frustrated and jump at you or roll eventually because you do have a lot more range than them, and you can also do a lot of damage in the footsie game if you make her miss something and take her to the cleaners with low fwd xx lv2 cancel. When they inevitably go for the crossup LK, you have to either predict it and hit it with jumping fierce or do the hcb+fierce uppercut/qcf, hcb level 2 cancel, know the range where these things work and get them out there, if you are unsure roll away and start over. If she has no meter then do not be afraid to rush the hell out of her and play footsies with her liberally as she has nothing she can really do to you, stand mp’s are not going to beat you when you are using low fwd xx lv2 cancel or a simple stand fierce to punish them. You are doing tons more damage.

Oh yeah and those are the best players in the nation you are fighting there at SVGL so don’t get frustrated, you are going to lose a lot to them but you have an opportunity to learn that 90 percent of the people on this forum will never get so remember that, I personally can’t wait to get back up there as I was a tons better player back when I played Campbell and Choi every day. Your first priority is to get Choi to even take you seriously, then you can worry about beating him, that guy is a machine. He does fuck around quite a lot in casual play however so every now and then you can take advantage of that. If you ever beat him twice in a row then watch out cause he’ll come for you then lol.

Wow i didnt mean for that to be that long.

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RC legs=CHEAP. I didn’t know because I’ve never fought a Chun who does this.

Interesting, that explains why it seems so hard to throw them. If they do it right you cant. Interesting.

Yet another reason to take my advice and not try to do this, just jump up over them.

rc legs is too good. i just sit right outside of the range after a knockdown and try to punish with standing lk into super. even then it is TOUGH because the recovery is really fast.

Strange Buk. I’ve thrown Chuns LL RC and been thrown out of Eagle’s spin RC. I’ve thrown Chun’s LLs more than Blanka’s Elec RC. Possible explanations? Aside from the RC being messed up, of course.


The most likely scenarios are either the rcs were messed up and they rolled, or that the rcs weren’t reversal timing. You ARE talking about wake-up RC legs and stuff right? Because only in reversal situations are they taking advantage of the ‘can’t be thrown for 6 frames’ deal. If Chun is doing RC SBK into RC legs, that is definitely throwable… if a bit risky.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and a well timed (or RCed) command grab can grab those moves also.

I can only assume that they weren’t reversal timed. I hear tackety tack on the wake up and I’ve been tossing occassionally(unless I have meter). The RC accuracy is there so I guess it isn’t reversal timed but next time I play(who knows since we have no arcade and I’m pretty lazy when it comes to getting around to play unless peeps call me), I’ll be sure to be watching that reversal sign.

However, on the Eagle spin, that’s mighty strange to me. I don’t get thrown often but, when I do, it seems just like throwing Gief during a clothesline. Maybe it’s just been too long and I’m remembering command grabs.

What is the technical reason for reversal RC moves like that not being throwable?

Also, I’ve been thrown out of moves that I thought weren’t throwable. Like Vega’s toward+RH. I’ve literally been in the air and gotten tossed as if I were on the ground. I just assumed that I was wrong about that one being immune to throws once it starts. Although, I’ve never been thrown out of towards+mk ever.

Glad I know about that now. It never seemed hard to reversal RC but I guess peeps were missing it:/