C-Ken notes

(Read this first if anybody hasn’t yet. This thread is more of a follow-up than a whole seperate guide.)


I really love the shoto’s dash. Whenever Ken does a move that inflicts heavy frame advantage on you, him dashing afterwards can be downright scary. You guys don’t have to agree with me, but I think these setups and tools are cool.

Meaty Attack, Dash Follow-ups

-meaty close s.HK, dash, kick throw
Ken’s kick throw does more damage than average throws, PLUS it sets up the second player glitch. Use this often.

-meaty close s.HK, dash, dp+LP
A perfectly executed, dashing shoryuken will counter hit the opponent when anticipates you’re going to go for dash, throw and tries to tech hit. If you land this in the corner, get ready to juggle with level 2 shinryuken super afterwards.

The level 2 shinryuken cancel is qcf, qcf+MK, (mash), falling qcb+LK, (now facing other direction), dp+HP (three hits). You can juggle with dp+MP (two hits) instead if you want to setup an ambiguous cross-up situation afterwards.

If you don’t have the opponent cornered, and you really have the BALLS, you can dp+HP your opponent’s tech throw attempt as well.

-meaty close s.HK, dash, d.LK xx combo
This isn’t guaranteed. It’s only really good when you have your opponent frozen.

(Actually, none of these setups are guaranteed. I just don’t recommend this setup over the other ones I’m listing.)

-meaty close s.HK, dash, close s.HP xx LK funny kick
This is actually a better option than the above setup believe it or not. close s.HP and d.LK have the same frame data by both hitting on the 3rd frame. The reason close s.HP is better is because your throw an option select in there as well. If the opponent tried sticking out something slow, like a Sagat d.HP, you’ll counter hit him with your close s.HP xx funny kick. If the opponent tried to throw you instead, you’ll tech hit automatically.

Also consider using close s.HK xx funny kick as well. It does slightly more damage and inflicts slightly longer blockstun (in case you want to cancel into LP command roll instead of funny kick). The only catch is that it’s slightly slower than close s.HP, executing at 4 frames instead of 3.

-meaty close s.HK, dash, close s.LK
This sets up a totally new mindgame…

Close s.LK setups

close and far s.LK 500 +2/+2
19 total frames

This move is awesome. The fact that a hcb+LK can be comboed after this makes s.LK one of Ken’s most powerful footsies tools.

-point blank close s.LK, duck down, kick throw
This is REALLY fast. As soon as you see Ken duck down, on the first frame, the “no throw” time on the opponent has worn off. Make him think you’re going to try to combo him low and hurt him with a kick throw.

A great “fake attack, throw” setup.

-point blank close s.LK, d.LK, d.LK xx super

Do d.LK, s.LK xx funny kick instead when you don’t have the meter.


The only thing I don’t really like about Ken, and what I think keeps him from being a top tier, is that all his primary ground moves (aside from whiffing d.MP and light attacks), are rollable and/or easily punishable.

Hadouken is the worse. The thing is, you HAVE to learn how to properly use this move in order to win.

Easy mode characters like Yamazaki or Cammy can stick out HK’s all day and be 90% safe. Blanka with his d.HK too. All the shoto’s, especially Ken, take much more planning, patience, and skill to win with.

Again, like I said in my other thread, I don’t recommend anybody using C-Ken in a tourney yet until they’re at an expert playing level. C-Chun-li or Sagat are better choices.

i actually feel c chun requires a lot more skill than c ken to win. c chun requires much faster reflexes to be played well and her combos without meter don’t do a whole lot of damage. scrubby c ken can crush with just stanging hk and old school shoto tricks.

I’ve been preaching the greatnes of s.lk for the longest time. IMO one of his best footsie tools. anyways another setup i do is close s.hk, super jump ambiguous crossup if i anticipate a poke. after doing that a couple times i just do close s.hk and just wait, your opponent will either roll, or try to AA. That’s when u punish them.

Now another move i will begin to preach about is ken’s hurricane kick, highly underrated move.

has anyone been able to RC kens hurricane kick? Its another tool that I would like to throw in, but everytime I try the command roll comes out.

any advice would be nice.

You mean on wake-up to avoid throws? Ken’s wake-up RC hurricane is no Akuma’s or Ryu’s, but try holding down LP+LK at down, then going to db, b+HK.

More scrub tactics! (5/25/04)

dp+HP Follow-ups:

Notice after any deep, anti-air dp+HP (3 hits) you end up at point blank range, BEHIND the fallen opponent. No matter where you are on the screen, this is the best possible position for Ken to be in. Let the mixups begin!

-Meaty close s.HK
-walk forward, go low
-qcb+LP (switch sides)
-qcb+LK (switch sides)

ALWAYS take into consideration your position on the screen after the dp+HP. If your back is facing the corner after the dp+HP for example, you’re probably going to want to use qcb+LP/LK to switch sides so the opponent is in the corner instead. If you did meaty close s.HK, then whatever follow-up after that, afterwards the opponent will most likely have YOU cornered. You would be a total idiot if you let something like that happen, as you had 100% control over your opponent after the dp+HP.

-meaty close s.HK, d.HK xx qcb+LP, RC funny kick
-meaty close s.HK, d.HK xx qcb+LK, RC funny kick
-meaty close s.HK, d.HK xx hcf+LK (safest)
-meaty close s.HK, d.HK xx qcf+LP

-meaty close s.HK, dash, throw/random mixup

-walk forward, d.LK, s.LK xx hcf+LK
-walk forward, duck down, throw

-qcb+LP/LK, normal close s.HK, tap forward, counter hit s.LK xx funny kick
-qcb+LP/LK, d.LK, s.LK xx hcf+LK
-qcb+LP/LK, d.LP, close s.HK xx hcf+LK
-qcb+LP/LK, duck throw, throw

Notice for all the instances where I wanted to go low for a combo, I always use d.LK, s.LK xx funny kick (3 hits) rather than d.LK, d.LK, s.LK xx funny kick (4 hits). The reason for that is the 3 hit combo keeps you within range for a f+HK; a walk slightly forward, far s.HK; or wait for opponent to whiff, far s.HK in his recovery. If the opponent jumps, you can far s.MK him on reaction. If the opponent super jumps, you can deep dp that shit and start your mixup game all over. If the opponent rolls, you can punish him hard as well. If the opponent just blocks, you move forward (and keep your momentum going) with f+HK

Now, if you had done the 4 hit combo/block string instead, none of what I just wrote above would be possible. Just adding that one extra d.LK pushed Ken out of his optimal range, and the entire match is reset. If you REALLY want that extra d.LK for the guard crush, you can do d.LP, close s.HK xx hcf+LK. That’s better anyway. But again, the match is reset. So I’d still rather go for d.LK, s.LK xx hcf+HK, then react to what my opponent does from there instead.

Countering Rollers:

When out of throw range, the best counter to a roll is always a low and/or meaty attack. Whether you’re facing a beginner level player who bases his strategy around roll all day, the turtling player trying to get away from you, or the aggressive offense type player who’s willing to take calculated risks to hurt you, you can do the following with Ken when they roll.

Press far s.HK on reaction as soon as you see the opponent’s roll start to animate. Although it’s not the easiest attack to use as a meaty (only 5 total hit frames), when distanced, positioned, and timed correctly, you can make it so the opponent gets up into your attack every time.

At this range is where people usually jump in from. You’re both too far to play any kind of footsies game, and it’s here that the weaker player might try something risky in order to get in closer. When the opponent jumps, you can always dp+HP or far s.MK him on reaction. When the opponent ROLLS, Ken should stick out a d.MK xx hcf+LK. Ken’s d.MK is an awesome attack in that hit hits both low AND meaty (6 total hit frames). If Ken were Sagat, he’d be able to wreck the opponent after the d.MK by canceling into dp+HP every time. Ken’s horizontal range on his dp’s are nowhere near as good as Sagat’s though. Since you’re using Ken, always cancel into LK funny kick instead. (Keep practicing, it’s not easy)

Now you’re in range to use your 3 frame d.LK whenever the opponent rolls. Use Ken’s bread and butter combo of d.LK, s.LK xx hcf+LK on reaction to every roll you see.

Close (within one character range or less):
Forget trying to combo any kind of roll at this range. It’s really, really hard. More often than not the opponent ends up behind you for some reason and you mess up your timing. So unless you think you’re John Choi or something, always go for a punch throw instead. Not the kick throw, but the punch throw. Punch throws come out in 3 frames. That’s as fast as a jab. Kick throws take a little slower to come out however. By the time it takes for your 5 frame kick throw to come out, scrub Guile will have rolled behind you for a free Samusault! already.


Full-Screen: far s.HK
Half-Screen: d.MK
Mid-range: d.LK xx combo
Close-range: punch throw

More scrub tactics! (5/25/04)

or what is going through your mind, at the time, is the thought that you could be some kind of juice drinker… but yea, good shit with this, i’m going to get back into this character.