Is it good or bad to use C Iori? And also, can someone tell me his main game?

C iori is fine. N-Iori is better but any groove with roll should be fine.

His man game is to roll and roll cancel to get in close to the opponent, then do a combo into QCB+P X3, put them at (or near) the corner, then pressure them with pokes and his Scum Gale command throw.

His C Cancels are pretty good

Lvl 2 Maiden Masher->Lvl 1 Maiden Masher (most damage)

Lvl 2 maiden Masher -> Fierce DP (1000 less damage, save meter, 20 Stun)

Lvl 2 Maiden Masher (8hits)->Lvl 1 Column, wait a click, Jump RH, Stand Strong->Toward+ Strong xx QCBx 3 (flasy, does SLIGHTLY less damage than #1, and does around 30 stun damage)

Lvl 2 Maiden Masher (8hits)->Lvl Column, wait a click, Jump Fierce, Stand Fierce-> Fierce DP
(good damge, flashy, does 45 STUN DAMAGE!) If you hit them before or after this, it’s a guarunteed dizzy.

Honestly I think Iori is better in a groove with shortjump. jumpin / throw may sound dumb but it works.


b+b =
c.lk, c.lp, c.lk xx [qcb+p]x3
s.mp, foward+mp xx move
c.lk xx dp

crossup =
back+lk during jump(this move actuall pulls opp to you, do it right before you land)

poke =
s.hk, c.hk, s.mk

antiair =

His qcf,hcb+p super is GREAT.

qcf,hcb+mp (full hits) xx hcb+k might take couple of practices but it does a lot of damage. Cancelling with DP is hard to connect in midscreen.

Don’t abuse his qcb+b chain specials, or his hcb+k move.
They have gross recoveries(good power though).

um, can any1 post what his supers are??? and what they look like? plz!!!

Iori only has 2 Supers, Maiden Masher and Umm…The Other One lol Don’t bother using it, it sucks. unless your a quick combo puller then i can set you up for it, What it looks like is he holds the flame in his hand then does like a fireball move ment as a wave of tower blast fire across the skreen…not very effective…

Maiden Masher on the other hand is a very useful technique…i just can’t belive that anyone has posted “The Ultra Maiden Combo” This combo is probably one of the most devestating things i’ve seen(Rips appart any Lvl2->lvl1 Combos) starts of with a few quick jabs, or a roll, then into a lvl1 Masher->Cancel into a QCB+P X2->Lvl 1 Masher(Takes Precise timing to land)->Cancel into QCB+P X2->Then Lvl1 Masher Canceled into his “Hell Spin”…I’ve only seen one other person pull this off perfectly…i’m sure their more but this move just looks insane

If your opponent isn’t Dead, he sure feels like it…and so do your hands…

You’re a fucking moron. I checked some of your other posts. They are completely fucking useless…same as you. Please please PLEASE do not post in the strategies section.

Sure the combo was bogus but you don’t need to flame him like that…just correct him.

That Combo Isn’t bogus I’ve seen people pull it off Look for a guy named Glory he can pull off 3 Maiden Mashers, And Then We will see who the fucking moron is…

P.S.: Combo’s Like this take skill and timing not just ez B&B tactics

You talking about Cheating Groove on X-box live, right?
Or whatever that groove is that lets you chain normals and do L1 super cancels or whatever.

And maybe it lets you use Akuma’s demon flip in a combo! ahaha. ok I stop now.

The moron is you, by the way. This is what tinyurl thinks of you:

Oh yeah, we don’t talk about tha EX groove or whatever on X box live because

  1. Only morons play against people that use EX groove
  2. Only morons think that X box live is an accurate rendition of CvS2

Did I mention http://tinyurl.com/f2rp for you?

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Jump in fp, s.hk xx lvl 2 MS xx lvl 1 8WC, jump in fp, s.fp xx dp+fp. This does 73 stun. I feel dizzy just writting this down:lol:

C groove vs. N groove setups

I usually play Iori in N-Groove, but now that I’m picking up C-Eagle and C-Guile the Rat Bastard, I’ve been trying to bring Iori over to C-Groove. I love the Lvl 2 Cancels, but it’s so much harder to set up things in C-groove than in N-groove.

I need advice, basically, on getting in and basic C-Iori Strategy.

  • I’ve been playing C-Iori like a sucky C-Yama. I’m trying to zone a bit with his normals and his jab fireball. I’m going for ambiguous high/low jumpins every so often, with moderate success. Is this the right way to go about things?

  • I find it really hard to set up an ambiguous crossup without a run… he’s no Sagat. N-groove is easy - run a bit, roll. In C-Groove, he’s so damn slow. Any good ways to do that in c-groove?

  • Does Iori have any crossup setups or throw setups off his Lvl 2 Cancels? I usually go for dp+fp for the damage and stun (and to save meter).

Iori’s ok in C but nothing big at all. I prefer using him in either A or N. Also don’t rely too much on the pillar to do shit…people can actually mash out of it.

great post. glory sounds like he’s one tough cookie.

learn To Use Capitals properly, Moron.

Back in the day with ex groove(which lasted a full 1 week before the game became broken), I used to do: mp, hp, hk xx 3 rekkas, cancel into lvl 2 maiden masher xx jap dp xx lvl 1 maiden masher.

And if your friend is so amazing with iori, why hasn’t he figured out that he can just take S-groove meter, do rekka, lvl 1, rekka, lvl 1, rekka… 100% combo. There’s a show of skillz for ya.

On a serious note, if your joystick skillz are top notch, try:
backwards + j. lk(cross-up), s. mp xx towards + mp xx lvl 2 maiden masher. Cancel into fierce uppercut for damage and meter, or lvl 1 masher if you need even more damage.

Cancelling a lvl 2 into lvl 1 (either one) is a total waste or meter…in fact, you could probably get by without using any meter considering his fierce rekkas altogether do about 2000 damage (ratio 1 btw), combo that off a jump in hp/hk -> st. hp and that quickly jumps to the 4000 range…and u actually GAIN meter in the process. In contrast a lvl 1 does around 2000 itself…so dont bother with it.

You obviously never played competitively with Iori. J. RK almost never works as a combo starter cause your opponent will see that coming, especially with C-groove where you can’t mix up jumps as well as N groove. His best combo starter is his c. lk poke. And yes, using his level 2 -> lvl 1 super is well worth it cause it’s ridiculously easy to set up. For people that have trouble timing pokes, Iori is especially nice cause you can mash the lk button and still have everything connect 100%.

As for the original question, I’ve been playing C-Iori for a while now. He obviously doesn’t have as much offense as N, but his defenses make up for that. His c. hp is one of the best anti-airs in the game, so mixing up an offensive game with a defensive game will keep your opponent guessing and frustrated. As for his slowness, he has a great roll to get in close after wiffed moves and his RC rekka is closes distance like no other. The only thing you’ll miss between C and N is the cross-up. His dash is slow so the chances of you getting in a cross-up are very limited. Hope this helps.

He actually has better distance pokes than just C.LK. S.MK right after 3x C.LK will snuff out most anything the opponent tries to throw out after the C.LK block string. It also puts you at a good distance to keep the pressure on them if they end up blocking the S.MK.

S.HK is also great if used correctly. As it has a high amount of recovery frames but also high priority. Not the best poke to just throw out of nowhere, but it still holds its own. Kinda acts like Guile’s S.HP as it snuffs out a potential jump in before they leave the ground.

A pretty good block string when you have them cornered and blocking is C.MP x2 (link) xx Jab fireball, and as soon as you recover, F+S.MP xx Rekka(s) (if first one hits then keep going). The key is not to let them roll out of this string. If you don’t connect the 2x C.MP (low frame link), they will have enough recovery to roll out.

You obviously took my post out of context…i simply used that combo as an example of the damage that can be done with no meter (3000+), vesus a lvl 1 (2000). THat was the entire point of my statment, to compare damage figures. Im sorry to mislead you, but please dont get yourself confused by reading too far into things…

So wait… your telling us we should do a lvl 1 instead of a firece DP after a lvl 2? Why because its easier to do?? The amount of stun damage caused by this move and the damage is very high, in contrast a lvl 1 will yield barely 500 points more damage, NO stun, and leave you with NO meter. So what if a DP is a little bit harder to do?? Dude if we all listened to youre advice we would never get anywhere…its called PRACTICE buddy…if somethings too hard to do then you practice until it becomes easier.


Cancelling into the lvl 1 pillar super is actually pretty deadly. Since you get the free jump in fierce, fierce into fierce DP after for something like 45 stun, it can give you a guaranteed dizzy in a lot of situations.