Buying Sticks in the uk

Hi guys new to forum but thought i’d finally dive in plus got question.

I play sf4 and sfxt and other general list of fighting games as casual gamer but my friends and i have started to get more competitive with each other.

I’ve read a lot on forums and slowly stepping up my game but dropping combos and mashing out of panic all the time and not to mention terrible at linking.

I’ve slowly trying to correct my bad habits but long tedious road.

I myself am i pad player and always have been but just straining my wrist switching from normal to hybrid play style so i wanted to take the leap and try out a stick and hopefully bring my game play to that next level.

I read Darksakul guide but haven’t narrowed down my choices but probably a beginner stick easier mod later get into it or hitbox.

My main problem is i live in England and all the decent sticks seem to be priced same as america but in pounds but i thought maybe be much cheaper.

Is there a go to place to get this stuff in the UK or have jumped on the scene to late and should bite the bullet and get any stick?

Don’t kid yourself thinking you’ll play better with a stick and the pad is holding you back.
You’ll be in for a rude awakening, since when you’re shit with a pad, you’ll be shit with a stick or even worse since you’re gonna have to relearn everything.

On topic though:
I bought my stick for 80€ on ebay Germany. Soul Calibur V Soul Edition stick, shipping was free.
Considering that the same stick costs 100$ on Amazon US, that’s only slightly more expensive.

Pretty sure you got deals like that in the UK as well and the official Mad Catz dealer in the UK was well stocked compared to the shitty one in Germany, so you shouldn’t run into trouble getting a good stick for cheap.
There’s also stuff like EightArc who have the Quanba Q1 and ship their sticks for relatively cheap all over the world, if you’re looking for a, a little less expensive investment.

He said he only got it for his wrist pains, stick may not be a miracle tool it does prevent these wrist pains.

I would recommend just getting one from uk madcatz. There might be better deals elsewhere but finding those will take a lot of time and effort but it won’t safe as much money as you’d hope.

lol i know I’ll be shit on a stick i didn’t expect the purchase to make me god like but since I’m learning the game seriously i don’t mind the relearn curve as much and i think the fact have new gadget would encourage me to play more.

I’m not completely new to fighting game genre but i’m good enough beat my friends. That’s not enough, i want to completely demolish them. I want them to die a little inside every time they came round and the ps3 is switched on. Than make new friends and rinse and repeat.

I used to swear by controller but now starting to think outside the box as for some reason starting to feel uncomfortable. Might be mental block as i just want to kara throw, kara demon, plink, paino etc. Also df doesn’t seem to want to cooperate properly during combos as dp special on their own are good 95% execution.

Took your advice and looked at madcatz website and they have round 2 te / soul calibur v stick for £79.99 but sold out.

Amazon doesn’t have anything good in stock except sticks sold buy members at highly inflated prices but theres a Datel Arcade Pro Joystick for £36

Thinking maybe there was some secret go to place for sticks in the uk.

I saw hitbox videos and i really want it but i just feel like i’m cheating but wouldn’t be to hard curve as predominantly a pc gamer just would need get used to that up button. If i went for hitbox it would be £176.

Could just get any stick tbh as am willing buy hitbox but i might not even like stick and be waste such deep investment.

If you’re looking for a stick that works on PC, PS3, and Xbox out the box there’s QanBa sticks at

Otherwise, the cheapest option may be to find a cheap WWE Brawlstick and, if you decide you like stick, replace the parts later on with Japanese arcade parts. That’ll cost a bit more, but you can spread it out - and stops you having to drop quite as much cash to see if you like sticks.

Alternatively, check to see where your nearest scene is, and pop down there. There’ll be multiple types of stick (maybe even a Hitbox-type) and people won’t mind you having a go…

thanks for the advise. I like the QanBas but i don’t think i’ll be going down that road as i have 2 second hand sticks i seen going for £40.

SoulCalibur V Fightstick SOUL Edition (PS3)

Street Fighter IV TE (360)

My dilemma know which is better. The Ps3 would be awesome as i play ps3 but don’t mind 360 one as long easy to mod and i’ll just play pc version.

Ultimately i would like to ps360+ and silence the buttons.

I haven’t seen single brawl stick but would liked start there as could built it from the ground up.

I’m kinda scared to join the scene as i’m so bad but i might try it when i get better.

Id skip the brawl stick because the case is so small and light that you may not like it. I Always felt like I was chasing it around my lap ( I have a madcatze ps3 SE stick and the Wii TvC stick which is the same case) I also have a qanba Q4Raf and I like it better than the little sticks, but something feels “off” about it. I tend to use my Madcatz Soul Calibur xbox 360 stick and my Madcatz PS3 Chun Li Stick way more than the Qanba.

In the long term, probably the best and easiest of those options is to get the 360 TE and dual-mod it. For that, I can’t recommend the Cerberus ( enough - easy and solderless.

And don’t hold off joining a scene because you think you’re bad - no-one will care, honestly, and you’ll get better so much more quickly and have a load of fun. Do it as soon as you can, seriously! :slight_smile:

@JasonWalraven I added 12 strips of wheel balancing weights to my SE, so it’s nice and heavy now!

I’m selling a used (But still in perfect, boxed condition) TE Stick for the 360 if you’re interested?

That says $ does he ship uk or is there someone this side of the pond who does it.

I didn’t know there was more than one mod for multi consoles. I’m leaning more to 360 now because of easier modding.

Pm med you

Also modding a hitbox from arcade stick vs buying premade hitbox? pros cons