Buying Stick

Im looking to buy my first Arcade stick. And from the research I have done, I would preferably like a stick with Sanwa/Seimitsu parts. STock or custom sticks will do fine. I must have pictures for proof and proof of past your past sales on here. PM me if interested. Thanks

Why don’t you just buy a Madcatz TE from a website that sells them?

Lolz Im being a cheap asshole looking for some good deals :confused:
You have any sites that sell em for good prices. Gimme some reccomendations.

You can try Amazon or Ebay and hope to find a good deal. But I would reccomend Last December they had a deal where it was buy one TE get another one free. So with any luck they might do it again this year.

Okay Ima go with Ebay it seems to have really good deals. And are there any things to watch out for on ebay u know of?

I would try to buy from someone who has positive feedback.

MarkMan said that he wont be doing a BOGO this year. He said you must show up to majors to get great prices. He puts 10-20 percent off for most items. Buy a new stick OP. If you want, get an eightarc fusion where it is dualmodded out of the box.

To be honest i dont see myself using a stick on a PS3. Prolly maybe when TTT2 comes out. But when I need to dual mod I’ll jus get Ben Fong to do it. Right now Im jus tryna spend as least as possible. Mind you this will be my first stick I’ll be getting.

Btw I placed a bid on a TE for 95 bucks and is up for bid for 2 days. Hopefully this goes well. The dude has all positive feedback(13/13) and its used but he says its barely used. So hopefully I get this stick

What system do you want it for? I ask because Madcatz is having an outstanding 2 for 1 deal on Wii TvC sticks right now. Presumably, you could put in a PS3/360 pcb or converter to suite whatever system you need it for.
I got both of mine for a little for a little under 40 dollars with free shipping. You could just buy a JLF or 2 to go in it from the same site while you’re at it. The buttons however, you might want to get from someone on here because madcatz charges far too much for their OBSFs.

Use this code for 10% off and free ground shipping: GANQ4

sent pm

I’m seeing them at $40 each, or is that the price you meant?
Either way, that’s a great deal. The SE cases are pretty nice.

Nope I paid 38 bucks total for both of em with free shipping. Got them in about 2 days.

Yeah it looks like they took the deal down again. Weird they have been putting it up and taking it down for more then a week now.

Nice deal. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that.