Buying new stick [help]

poorfag here, TEs or anything similar are out of the question, so lets get that out of the way

i’ve got my eye on this

mainly because it does PC and PS3. can anyone that has used one confirm that it works well on both platforms? i’ve got a friend with spare sanwa parts he said he can give me so i figured i’d just buy a cheap easy-2-mod stick (im no daddy warbucks)

mainly wanna know how well it works (buttons and joystick aside)
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i think for that kinda money you can find something better. like a madcatz se or one of the cheaper hori’s. shop around, or check the trading forum.

modding this one you’re looking at isnt exactly easy for a beginner. reference this thread here.

good price for a starter stick but I still dont see it doing very well… heres a funny but informative vid on that stick… it actually has good info… funny intro as well…

Stick with a TE… save your money and get a Hori or Madcatz stick everyone is using… it will save you in the long run…

you think i havent shopped around already? amazon doesnt have anything else and neither does the madcatz store. i dont want to do any trading/buying from private sellers. also i want the PC functionality

thanks for the thread link though

like i said im not getting a TE thanks for the video though

from my experience all the hori and madcatz sticks have pc compatibility. by shop around i mean check ebay and stuff too, not just amazon (amazon starting to get overly expensive, because of all the private listings).

my first stick was a hori ex2 which i got off ebay for 20bucks shipped. that worked for pc… and xbox though. ps3 equivalent would be the fs3 or v3 from hori

heres a new one for 20 bucks on ebay so far

heres a used one for 10

if you’re willing to fight someone for em
works on PC/ps3 but is a little higher than the honcam… good thing about it is that its easy to mod and you already have spare parts from your friend it saves you some cash… the stock parts are not too good…
this comes compatible with xbox 360, ps3, and pc… you can replace parts just like the SE… but same as above the stock parts are not too good…

both IMHO is better than what you have posted tho… you will have less headache modding the Brawlstick or paewang… but its your money… the thread linked by defgui will show you how to mod the honcam… its not hard to mod if you know what you are doing…but can be easy to mess up…

you got my attention with the joytron but where does it ship from? i dont want to pay out the ass to ship something from the orient

If you order it the shipping is usually $29… its shipped from Korea with the site that I gave you… I dont know if anyone sells that here in the US…

Focusattack has quanba’s but they are $100 plus…

Brawl stick at GameStop is 30 bucks. Do a locate and see if any stores around have it.

i just bought this is it good for Ultimate marvel vs Capcom 3

You asked that in another thread already… The going consensus is no… But to make you feel better I’ll tell you what you want to hear and say YES… I agree with the others that buying that may leave you disappointed but it’s your money…

ty someone agree with me.

Thats the spirit!!! Dont look back!!!

Haha, what the hell man.

One of the bests what you can get cheap.

Why are you looking for others for validation?
If you want options accept them as they come, ether that or stick to your guns and get what you want to get?

The Honcam is honestly in (as I see it) that area where people should avoid. Although if you are up to up modding it with authentic parts will make the stick a little better. Its one of the reasons I passed it up on the What stick to buy thread. I don’t know how well a Sanwa or Seimtsu joystick will mount in the honcam, but I know 30" Japanese buttons (Sanwa or Seimtsu) will fit there with no issues. If the PCB ever fails, a Toodle’s MC Cthulhu a good replacement for the PCB.

i bought a $200 ps3 madcatz te1 stick only to find out it’s not compatible with my iMac…

OP just save up a bit more and get a qanba q4raf/eight arc stick. they have felt cloth so u can rest the stick on my lap without wearing pants and can be used on any system at a tournie

I heard the xbox stuff is compatible with mac now if you get the driver but my HORI VX-SA still does not work on snow leopard 10.6.8 and the paewang does.

anyway, looking at the mod for the Honcam PS3 stick, its almost the same as modding a paewang or datel stick. there is nothing difficult about it if you can solder and enlarge your button holes. that said, I spent $70 on a JLF, restrictor, 8 buttons, and both harnesses from etokki. that would make this a $120 stick. so no its not cheaper than the V3 someone suggested.