Buying An Arcade Stick (For Use With TTT2/T7)

I am asking about your opinion on this matter. I have been playing TTT2 for a while now and have started to favor the Mishima’s, (Heihachi and Devil Jin mainly). But have recently noticed that many of their moves require excellent execution, and my pad doesn’t give me this as it is old. I have wanted to master the Mishimas for a while now. But have realised that pad’s won’t make the cut for me, i have been looking into the Venom Arcade Stick for PS3/PS4. The LINK >>

My biggest struggle is the OTGF, i can EWGF 7/10 on a good day on pad, but the OTGF is like 1/100 and i have been trying for months now. I have opened the input history and have found that when i input forward neutral down forward 1 (JF) it inputs a down or two D/Fs. I can do F,N,D/F but if i input a 1 it inputs a d/f than d/f:1 and this isn’t working for me. So overall, do you think that this arcade stick is good for pro-longed use? Should i buy it to play T7 and master the mishimas? Or just stick with a pad and suffer endlessly. Basically i am asking you this.

“Will the stick last me years while playing T7 and TTT2, will i be able to master the mishimas on this stick and enjoy my time doing so?.” I don’t want to waste $200AUD on something that i will never touch after days of playing.

Thank you alot if you read this far, i hope you did!

ALSO, I know that this is a Japanese stick. I have found this stick over a month of time and i have struggled finding one that suits my location, budget, and availability to pick up (Bad experiences with online buying). But what i want to know is, how much will this stick bother me at the start? Should i find time to buy a korean stick. Can you mod this stick to change the ball top for a bat top. Has anyone modded this stick yet?

Kindest Regards, Corey.


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