Buying an arcade stick for PS3

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Okay so I decided to take a step further into fighting games. I’m currently using a keyboard(ewww right?) to play fighting games in my computer such as SF 3rd strike and so on. I mainly play 2D fighting games mostly which are Street Fighter games and I’m looking for a good arcade stick deal since I’m new to arcade sticks.

I saw that there’s one called “Hori Fighting Stick 3” for the PS3. But I want to know too if it’s compatible with Windows XP since there aren’t many fighting games out there, not until tekken 6, SSF2THDR, MKvDC, SF IV come out.

So, I have around 70 bucks to spend and I want a really good deal, I heard that the Hori Fighting Stick 3 has an awkward construction since the buttons are arcing down right instead of up right. Also, I don’t know if this is an issue but the control stick rotates inside of a square base instead of a circle one. As I said, I’ve never maneuvered an arcade stick and I want to know if it’s going to be difficult to get used to it. The down right issue really turns me off since I’m going to have comfort issue, that’s why I’m looking for a better deal(if there is one).

Thanks, and thank you for taking your time to read this.

my HRAP3 worked instantly when i plugged it into my PC, just set the controls for the emulators i was using and i was good to go

square or octogonal gates (bases as you call them) are most likely what you’ll want for a fighter, i think there’s some circle gate users on here who can tell you more but in general after you learn to use a stick you’ll find it a huge help to be able to “feel” what direction the stick is in on the fly

and the arc on the buttons hardly matters

Did you need to do this:

Oh, so thats a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, I’m guessing that’s better than HFS3. Right?

Yes, it’s more expensive, but if you want something that’ll work with both the PS3 and PC, the HRAP3 is worth it.

Plus it’s very easy to install a different gate and/or buttons.

I somehow doubt that HORI would make anything cheap. The price difference between the HRAP3 and HFS3 is probably because of the casing or something.

Pretty sure I read somewhere that the HSF3 works with PCs.

i misread hfs3 as hrap3 in your post but pretty much yeah

and the_importer i’m not sure but that sounds like it’d only apply to actual six axes, i know i had to do nothing for my stick on XP SP2 at least

The joysticks are probably not configured as real PS3 controllers but more like basic controllers that both the PS3 and Windows have the drivers for it. I was able to use my Logitech Wireless controller on my PS3, so I’m guessing a basic controller would do the trick.

buy an hrap3 from strida jin in trade outpost thread or buy one from trng of akihabara shop .com.

you cant go wrong with an hrap3

they’re supposed to, but in reading the threads, there were alot of people who were having trouble getting the HSF3 to work properly on a PC, whereas the HRAP3 seemed to have no issues at all working correctly with a PC. That’s why I got the HRAP3.

I’m super happy with the stick. It did cost me a bit more, but man, playing shmups and fighters on MAME is fantastic with it.

The HRAP3 is supposed to replicate the feel of a real arcade cabinet. It uses a Sanwa JLF joystick while the HFS3 uses a crap chinese made joystick. Both have hori buttons on them but the HRAP 3 has quick disconnects, so switching the buttons only requires 2 steps, take the quick disconnect off the old buttons and pop them out, then put the quick disconnects on the new buttons and pop them in. With the HFS3 you have to dremmel th holes to maek the Sanwa buttons fit, then you have to desolder the old buttons and resolder all the new buttons.
So yeah, HFS3 is the cheap version while the HRAP 3 is the better version.

The HFS3 working on o PC is a 10% chance. Didn’t work for me and didn’t work for many others. The HRAP3 is a standard USB device so it will work with a PC without any special drivers.

@ Original poster

Best route for you is to do what I did. Buy a PS1/PS2 arcade stick and then buy a converter for it. The converter will allow you to play the stick on the PS3 and on the PC, then you can play PS1/PS2 games with your arcade stick too! Just get a lagless converter (check the converter thread in Tech Talk to see which ones do or dont).

You might also want to consider waiting for the SFIV stick which is supposed to be really good, or getting a stick from Arcade in a Box. Both options will be more than $70, but so will the HRAP3.

With no intention of coming down on you as a person, it’s definitely worth mentioning that there is almost no such a thing as a “really good deal” with arcade sticks; generally, there are fair deals and bad deals and that’s about it. Kinda lame, pretty bleak I know, but it’s life! :smile:

In addition, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies soooo strongly to this stuff it simply cannot be overemphasized. Trust me when I tell you that there’s a limit as the price drops at which it’s honestly not even worth buying a joystick at all. There is a point of diminishing returns as price goes up too, so you have to make the judgement call for yourself on just how hardcore you feel about it. There’s absolutely no shame if the answer is “only so-so” but be sure about that answer because I promise you’ll regret it in the long run if you shortchange yourself.

The best (most fair) deals you’ll find right now, I think, are in our Trading Outlet subforum. Getting a PS1/PS2 stick and a converter (inPin, probably) is a great option, and–as already mentioned–those SF4 sticks are lookin’ miiiighty fine.

Take a look around and feel free to ask if you have any other questions, especially about specific sticks and deals you encounter. Pretty much everyone here is friendly.

edit: You might want to read up briefly on the differences between how American and Japanese parts handle. Some people don’t care either way but a lot of people have a dramatic preference one way or the other.

to OP:

do you actually have a ps3? i ask this because my impression from your post the only games you play are the ones emulated on pc. if youre just looking for an arcade stick to use on a pc then the hori EX2 (for the 360) works on the pc, and is on the same level as the HFS3. either way if you only have 70 bucks to spend you pretty much have to get a HFS3-level stick.

its going to be hard to do stuff when you first start on sticks. happens to everyone who didnt grow up playing in arcades. mostly it will be hard to move around (at first). the pressing buttons part actually gets easier imo. i think all the difficulty is worth it though, and if you ever play someone else in an arcade youll be prepared.

Yes, I own a PS3 but there aren’t really any good fighting games out there that I like much for the PS3. For example, I don’t like Soul Calibur 4, nor Virtua Fighter 5, so I’m just waiting for the Street Fighter, Tekken and maybe MK.

I can always spend 20 bucks more, I’ll just have to put a lil bit more effort to it. Oh by the way, I guess I’m getting the HRAP3 since I’m not that experienced with sticks and assembling one is going to be a pain in the ass. If it’s not going to be that hard, and it’s going to be easy, cheap, and a nice build, please tell me ;).

Edit: Oh man… I just noticed that HRAP3 are about 150 bucks with shipping included. Maybe I’ll just have to buy a HFS3. Is it a bad stick? Because if I get one I want to get a decent one.

I think personally your way bettter off saving for that HRAP3 especially since you don’t sound to keen on the idea of soldering, and dremmeling not only that but the layout on the HRAP3 IMO is a lot better , and like peviously posted the HRAP3 comes with the JLF and the HF3 with the Hori. JLF vs Hori no comparison the JLF is worlds better than the cheaply made Hori stick and I think everybody can agree on that.

Okay, thanks bro. I guess I’m better off saving for a HRAP3. I’m going to make custom sticks once I get more into this. Thanks to everyone.:wgrin:

One more thing I think this statement is so very true. I’ve been playing games competively for over a decade now like most people on here but I was always bottom of the barrel in my community not like most people on here up until I regestered on this site got my first custom from big pockets(Ghost of Starman) and it seems like strats and moves that I thought were impossible I can do now wich thanks to the arcade stick just made me love gaming that much more now I can play SC4 and Tekken with the best of them thanks SRK community and people like Canto and Opips2 who really helped me out when I first started modding.:tup:

Sorry for such a long post.

Alright, thanks to you both. I’m going to put a lot of emphasis on playing with the stick since I think I haven’t touched one for 5 years (and I’m 16, back then I didn’t like fighting games).
Thanks for the tips everyone :wink:

I would still recommend waiting to see how the SFIV sticks turn out though, because the HRAP3 still has Hori buttons. Replacing those would probably cost you $20 or so. The SFIV stick (pro version) looks like it’s going to be great out of the box, and may even be a little cheaper than a standard HRAP3.

It’s up to you though.