Buying a used PS4

So craigslist has alot of ps4’s for pretty cheap and I want to get in on the SFV action and ive never payed full price for a console besides the ps2 release. Are there any tips i should keep in mind when looking at used ps4s?
Ill try my best to find the later model due to it being newer plus the power saving options. I wont buy unless im able to test it to make sure it works. I will bring a monitor, hdmi cable and a fully charged UPS so i can make sure it powers on.
but besides these things is there something i should look out for? Im not too familiar with the ps4 and wanna make sure im not missing something.
thanks guys

If your state allows concealed carry… Look into that, before buying high priced items off craigslist. LOL

Well if its a first run PS4 it should have a 500 GB (or better) Hard drive inside (as it came with a 500 GB HDD).
It should boot up, play dvds, blurays, and PS4 games fine, it shouldn’t over heat too quickly and don’t accept any consoles with missing parts or significant cosmetic damage.
Some scuffs and scratches are to be expected but it shouldn’t look like it was keep in the bed room of the Tazmanian Devil.

Also, check the warranty sticker to make sure it wasn’t voided (console opened).

Unless it’s the first Destiny or the silver Batman, I wouldn’t buy used. I guarantee the pad has been through hell and those go for $50+ new, will you really be getting a deal when it’s all said and done?

why do you say those 2 models and not the rest?
i thought getting the latest model would be best choice.

Good idea about the warranty sticker, ill have to see where that is located

It’s really not a big deal if it’s used. Just make sure the warranty isn’t voided. If the controller looks rough it’s probably just the rubber on the analog sticks. Those are $5 on Amazon an it takes less than 10 minutes to replace them.

i’ve also looked into buying a used ps4 recently. as far as i know, they don’t have many overheating issues unless the fans get really dirty. you should try pulling up the hard drive information in the settings to make sure the data and is all ok. and try pulling up a game if you can.

also always meet in a public place. in the first year of the ps4/xb1 releases, alot of people were mugged and even killed over craigslist sales.

i have no idea if this is allowed on here but i’ve got a batman PS4 im trying to get rid of if youre interested?

No Selling in Tech Talk. Please refer to the Intro thread for the rules.

no prob, i can remove the post if needed

Just remember Trading outlet is for buying, selling and trading. Refer to that board for more info.

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Financed mine from Best Buy, 25 bucks a month and awesome 2 year warranty. I’ll break it and return in before 2 years and get a new one, wash rinse repeat.

I bought a used PS4, all i did was test it out and made sure it ran disk game. The problem was that 3 months after, I had the blue light of death (white Destiny PS4 BTW). It could had been my fault yanking the HDMI cable out of it frequently and therefore disturbing the console/shaking it around a lot. However, Sony’s warranty is pretty good, they fixed the problem for about $100 shipped and you get an extended warranty. I think its more worth it to buy a used PS4. I’d say you keep searching on craigslist until you find one bundled with extra controllers and some games you’d want to play, it would make buying it used worthwhile.

cool, thats what I want to do, find a bundle with acouple of controllers and afew games. Iooks like i just need to mainly check warranty sticker, make sure it reads games and doesnt look banged up. only time im going to mess with the hdmi cable is to switch to ps3 but they will have their own hdmi cables anyway. Wish the evo monitor had two hdmi ports.
thanks guys

Asus no longer has the Evo license

The new Evo Monitor is the BenQ RL2460HT, and has a 2 HDMI ports, a DVI port and a VGA D-sub port as well as a HDMI out.

Shouldve said orginal asus evo monitor then lol.