Buying a stick, few questions

I am new to arcade fighting games, I want to play games for Wii, PC, and PS3 but i have a few questions first.

  1. What is the best method of doing this? I was thinking of buying the madcats tvc fight stick for wii and buy a mayflash wii to usb convertor.

  2. Would the converter make it work directly, just by switching modes? A friend of mine said it may not work without ps3 drivers, or i may need to dual mod it. Is this true? i havent read anything about that

  3. I want to play a ton on my PC, where would i download some games? do emulators usually support sticks? or is their a way to make sticks work with most emulators?

  4. I am possibly getting an ouya system, i should be able to get my stick working on that as well right?

  5. Would a universal fight stick be better? Wii does have a usb port, but I heard that fightsticks dont work with it. The ones that are made for wii usually connect to wii remote

Don’t although this seems like the cheapest method, the Mayflash Wii to USB adapter as issues, including the ZL and ZR buttons and the lack of home button use.
Look into replacing the PCB inside or doing a Dual Mod with your Wii Stick.

Yes the Mayflash adapter works via driverless Plug and play support on modern Windows installs (XP and up). The Mayflash Wii to USB adapter was meant for the PC not the PS3.
It does not work without minor issues on the actual PS3.

For emulators try to search for them on Google. Don’t ask for roms as it goes against forum rules. There also a number of PC games that support game pads and sticks.
Most modern emulators from MAME to SNES 9X, ZSNES, BNES, Gens, VBA, ePSXe and others support Joysticks. You have to configure the game pad/input area first.

I can’t tell you with 100% certainly that it will yet. As Kickstarter Backers start to get their consoles more news will follow. I myself is waiting for a Ouya so I let everyone know when I get my Ouya console.

There no true Universal Arcade stick currently on the market. People have built and/or modify their sticks to be Universal. For the most Universal stick you need a MC Cthlhu, a Xbox 360 PCB, a Pii Wee Board, therie are plenty of other options. Yes the Wii has a USB port but its limited to using devices meant for the Wii only. So absolutely No controllers work for the Wii via USB.

For a complete GUIDE on buying arcade sticks try
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For converters try
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What games do you intend to play on the Wii?

If it’s stuff like TvC, then you’ll need a Wii or GC stick, but if you’re using the Homebrew Channel then most emulators and applications on that should support sticks connected via USB.

Dual modding a TvC stick for PC/PS3 as Darksakul suggested is the best solution for a single stick, but it will add at least another $30/£30, more if you need to pay someone to install it for you.

If that’s the case, then getting a both TvC stick and a PS3 SE or Brawlstick will likely be less hassle in the long run.

Yes my wii is modded. Yeah, I mostly wanna play games like TvC, I do have homebrew. If that is the case would i be able to get a ps3 stick and dual mod that for wii? and also have it run on pc?

Ultimately im just looking for whatever is the best method to have one stick playing on Wii/ps3/PC on a $60 budget.

Well you can always buy the tvc stick and mod it.

It shouldn’t cost you that much.

okay so its better to buy the tvc stick and mod it, rather than use the adapter?

also its better to go with the tvc one rather than a ps3 one?

I can’t say since i am not an expert on modding fhe arcade stick

Since i haven’t modded a stick yet

Partly because i have an ex2 which requires soldering.
But modding does seem to be more reliable.

I hope the injustice fight stick is better then that ex2 stick

I plan to get for the ps3 this time.

I still feel like getting a tvc controller and a converter would be the easiest option for me. Cant you just reconfigure the buttons or re map them so that L/R buttons work?

Have a read through the converter thread.

If you don’t mind not using ZL/R or the home button on PS3, and if the adapter doesn’t lag or drop inputs (this might not be a serious issue for you, but for most people it is) then go ahead with the adapter option.

i read on this thread, that they work as long as you switch modes on the stick, i dont see why that would be a problem. Idk how the input lag is though

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Why people still responding to this thread. All the solutions that are possible are provided and all relevant threads has been linked.
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That said, OP should just get a TvC stick and then plug in an MC Cthulhu so that it’ll work with (almost) everything else.