Buyer Beware Thread

Ever buy something and not get what you expected? If so, post here.

**Rule: State what was advertised and how what you got was not what was advertised. **

I’ll start.

When I first came to America, I saw a box of cereal and yoghurt and the pictures had berries. I was greatly disappointed to find out that neither actually included berries.

Bought a couple OSTs because the anime had godlike music, but none of the tracks I wanted were in it, and those that were, were either horrible remix versions or had some idiot adding his lyrics to it. Since OST is short for Original Soundtrack, you would think that when you’re paying money for the original tracks, you would actually, you know, get the original tracks.

I bought SFxT.

Please stick to the rule.

State what was advertised and how what you got was not what was advertised.

Self explanatory.

I expected all the magic, adventure, and danger of the movie mom took me to see…I kept getting stuck in a fucking hole. You fall into it again when you move in ANY direction after escaping it. This hole had a better reset game than the top FG players, before fighting games were even a THING. That’s all there fucking was to the game. You, a hole you can’t avoid, and a goddamn FLOWER.

lol it’s amazing how bad Japanese vocals are. I remember getting OSTs for two video games I liked, and having two tracks absolutely killed by bad vocals. Wild Arms II intro was one and Chrono Cross’ Radical Dreamers. Took me over a decade to find a non-vocal version of each. I had abandoned all hope of ever finding them actually.

I can’t remember anything else off hand but I’m sure it happened. Usually I can just return things and I don’t buy too much anyway. Actually that’s a major reason I usually pirate stuff. I do have the money to buy things, just don’t like throwing money away and games usually you can’t return. I do buy the games if I like them though. Although nowadays usually only the “Ultimate” editions, because I’m not going to pay for an unfinished game.

I am generally extremely skeptic of products so it’s rare that my expectations are going to be too high. I know the general limitations of current technology, I’m sure that will change in a few decades when I’m an old fart and there is a new shift that I won’t believe is possible, but we’re a ways off from that.

It was advertised that he would be playing a fighting game.

Instead, the fighting game played him.

Yeah man. That free online mode with free updates nearly every month must surely be labeled as “Buyer beware”


The evil within, advertised as return to true classic survival horror, got a crappy re4 clone instead.

I don’t have an example but I saw this and thought it was relevant.

Sony sued for ‘deceptive marketing’ of Killzone: Shadow Fall graphics


Straight up garbage online multiplayer and the developer does this:

I bought a king of the day expecting the burger advertised.

What I got was a miniture version of said burger, wouldn’t have minded if it had said it was a small version anywhere, but unless it was in the small print it didn’t.